I sat looking through the list of personals, SWM looking for SWM for good time and adventure. I read the add several times thinking I must be missing something. I was very single at the time and had just really started to explore my sexuality. I met a number of lovely ladies on the site and now I am looking at this guy looking for other guys to hook up with. It had been several years since my only previous experience of being with another man. I read it one more time and thought what the hell; I can always make it public so if things get weird I can bale out. I picked up the phone and pushed the numbers. A few rings and a man answered the phone. I said I had see his add in the paper and was wondering what he was interested in. He sounded painfully shy, he stammered the whole time we talked but we finally got to the point where we decided to meet at the local seafood restaurant the next evening.

The next day went by rather fast, I had in the back of my mind this crazy idea that I was walking into a trap or something. I kept telling myself to relax, then finally it came time to go home and get ready. I showered and shaved and did the usual for me going out. I looked in the mirror and checked to see if everything was in place. Then it hit me, I was actually nervous. I got to the restaurant 10 minutes early and told them I was waiting on someone. I sat there and watched as several men walked in, most went to the bar to get a drink and watch sports, others were part of a party. It was already 20 minutes after our time to be there when the door opened and in walked this guy I was envious of. Thick jet black hair and well built. His arms were muscled out very nicely and he had the greenest eyes. I realized I was checking him out and felt my face flush. Then I heard him ask the hostess if I was at a table waiting for him. I stood up and cleared my throat.

Inside L'Astrance
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“Hello” was all I could get out as he turned. “Sorry I am late, I hope you still have time for dinner” he said with a sheepish smile. He had a boyish charm even though I noticed there was some age to his face. We both followed the hostess to the table and were seated. The whole time we were walking over I kept looking him over. He walked with purpose and dignity, he was someone to be noticed and not your everyday Joe.  We talked about all kinds of things but I noticed we skipped two subjects, sports and work. Those two topics always made me feel less of a guy and more out of place because I knew nothing about sports and as for my job, it was in public service. Dinner was excellent even as we felt things there were winding down. Finally he looked at his watch and asked if I was ready to leave. We walked out to the parking lot and then and there I knew it was all in the balance on how I acted.

My only previous experience with another guy had been really a touchy feely kind of thing. I let my former male partner touch me as I touched him. It never involved anything like kissing or penetration, I think we both were just seeing what it was like, but scared of being turned gay. Now here I was looking at a guy that if I was a woman I would have fucked him right in the parking lot and not cared who saw. So what was my hang up? My heart was pounding a million miles an hour as we got to our cars. His was an isle away from mine so we stopped at my car. I leaned back on the door, not in a hurry to go anywhere, I was having a good time and he was fun to be with. He shifted from one foot to the other as we talked; I thought it was his shoes being too tight or something. Finally he asked me if I would like to see him again. I answered him by leaning in and giving him a kiss, I don’t know what came over me but it seemed right. I felt an electric shock run through my body as he pushed me back on the side of my car. There was no doubt he had enjoyed my company too. “Follow me home” he said, it was a request but also a question of did I want to. “I would love to” I replied and he smiled and walked to his car. My hands were shaking so bad I almost couldn’t open the car door.

Several minutes later we pulled up to a gate, he waved me around and pushed in the code, once the gate was opened I went in and a few moments later he went around and led me to the parking area. I knew about this place from my job, it was a especially nice place to live. I got out of my car and followed him to his condo. When the door opened I knew we lived in two different worlds. Beautiful art pieces hung on the walls and it was so decorous compared to the early American devoiced male at my place.

I walked over to one piece that was elegant yet simple, I knew a little about art and this was beautiful.  “You like that one?” he said I looked for a while, I could see a mild abstract of what looked like two men kissing in a rain. “It is very good” I said, unsure to what a proper reply would be. “I painted that one a few years ago; I just can’t bear to let it go.” As I continued to look I felt one of his hands on my shoulder’s the other hand was pointing out the different parts of the painting. We talked about art for over an hour and he was in his world I could tell. Then he gave me the tour of his place, I was very impressed. It was neat and clean, like he had a live in maid that kept it spotless. When we got to the kitchen I stopped dead in my tracks. It was beautiful, marble counter tops let off a shine as if they were mirrors and the cooking island was calling for a master chief to make it have a purpose to being there. “I love the kitchen” I said barely above a whisper. He looked at me with a wicked smile, “I like the kitchen too. Some great things happen in here” and he walked over to the counter and hopped up on it.

We looked at each other for a moment and I walked over slowly, I had a good idea what he wanted I just didn’t know if I was ready for that. I looked him in the eyes as my breath slowed and my heart raced, I decided I would let things go where they went and enjoy the evening. I put my hand on the back of his head and kissed him, deep and slow our tongues glided over one another. My free hand went to his zipper and I slid it open gently, reaching inside to find his cock waiting just under his boxers. A few slight twists of the wrist and I had freed his cock, it was a beautiful sight as it grew in my hand. I stroked him slowly as he moaned and continued kissing him. Then I kissed his cheek and went to his ear, nibbling on the ear lobe and driving him crazy. His breath now came in ragged gasps as my hand worked his cock, the precum making it easier to slide along his shaft. I slid my tongue along his neck and then knelt in front of him.

His cock waved at me with the pulse of his heart, throbbing as I watched. I took my time as he laid his head back on the wall and just melted into the moment. My tongue finally slid along the bottom of his shaft and I got my first taste of him, the salty taste from his precum from being slathered along the shaft. He was in rapture as into my mouth he went, sliding a little deeper each time. I wasn’t sure how much I could take but I did get enough to feel him suddenly swell and gasp. His hot load exploded and I swallowed as much as I could. He relaxed as I pulled off his cock, remembering how much I hated being stimulated when I had just cum. He pulled me close and kissed me, his tongue caressed mine again as I felt his hand go to my zipper.

I felt a shudder run through my flesh as my cock stirred to life, I was already horney as hell. He became the aggressor now, getting off the counter to push me back where he had just been sitting. His mouth was on my cock in an instant and I loved every moment. He was not as seductive as I had been but I think he knew what I needed and wanted. RELEASE! And that came quickly as he only had to suck and tease my cock for a minute or two. I was embarrassed that I had cum so quickly but he smiled and assured me that it was ok. I told him this was my first time being with another guy and he gave a winning smile. “You did great for your first time” he said. He offered for me to stay the night but I needed to get ready for work early in the morning. I kissed him good night and we made plans for the weekend coming up. It was the beginning of a wonderful time of discovery and friendship between us.

Often at night I lay there wondering how he is doing and smile, you never forget your first anything and he was the first guy I ever really was with.


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