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Quietly sitting here coffee in hand the sound of the washing machine making its own rhythm going through the cycles I am taken back in time. I can almost smell the cut grass and turned dirt, the warm sun on my back, and the smell of her sweat. I loved to watch her work in a tank top as the heat of the day would make us sweat and how it would cause her shirt to cling to her cute breast. She wasn’t some big breasted babe, in fact she often blushed when men noticed she had breast at all. She wanted to be one of the guys and bucking hay, tossing feed onto pickup trucks and that kind of thing made her feel like one of us. Not today though, her worn out work gloves gave the strings of the hay a chance to rub blisters in her skin. The foreman noticed her favoring her hand at break and took a look, she was told she was done for the day and would be driving the truck. If you never have seen hay being hand tossed from the field it is a sight to see. One lucky person rides around with the truck in 1st gear going through the field while 3 people were tossing and stacking. We got 10 cents a bale and on a normal day would toss 2000 bales (That included stacking them in the barn too)

River Road Barn
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Yesterday had been a great day; we had gotten the call from a large farm and headed out before the sun even thought about kissing the sky. 9000 bales and we had gotten the first field closest to the barn. Those Tennessee summer days were long and great for things like that. That day we were on the back field and it was not as smooth plus a light rain the night before made the hay feel more like slinging bags of wet cement. A few busted bales that we don’t get pain for were scattered around. Now Rose was in the driver seat and our team was switched up. It threw off our rhythm as Jimmy who the driver now was a thrower. He sucked and we all knew it but a nice guy with a young family. Steve kept yelling at him to throw it higher so it would land right. We finally got the load done, took our place on the back in the back of the truck and headed back for the barn. We were all counting what today might bring us at this pace and it wasn’t looking good at all. Rounding the corner there was a little dip and we all felt the truck drop in the front. Steve was yelling for her to stop and it was too late. We jumped out of the back of the truck as fast as we could, just barely escaping the wall of hay that was heading out way. It was a disaster movie in slow motion. The sound of glass shattering as the back windshield was busted out then everything came to a rest. We knew we were dead in the water now. We dug the truck out and could hear an approaching tractor, the farmer with a stern look on his face had a flat bed trailer in tow and we retrieved what could be salvaged, the rest we cleaned up and tossed to the cows that were very happy to get the fresh greens. The ride back to where we all parked was quiet, just the wind from the broken back glass and a lot of hung heads. Rose was nursing the red welt that was turning to a bruise on her forehead from the bale smacking her head first into the steering wheel.   No one faulted her, it was a hard turn but damn it Jimmy should have been driving, he would have made it, at least that was what I was thinking. Steve gave us all our share, $25 a hand, a far cry from the $225 the previous day. I told them I was heading to the bar if anyone wanted to join me and took off.

The ride to the bar was 5 minutes; I was between mad and hurt. I had finally got the bills caught up and it was looking good for pulling ahead and putting some back in the bank for the slow time. I had been doing this for 3 years now and knew there were good days and bad, this was the worst day ever. As I sat down at the bar I ordered a beer and then turned and looked to see who all was here. Billy and his team were at the pool table drunk off their asses, they blew the engine in their truck and were probably done for the season, and it would be a hard winter for them. The sound of the door made me look and in walked Rose, she looked like her dog had run away and best friend told her to get lost. I did the only thing I knew to do, I bought her a beer.

“Shitty ass day” she started as she sat down “one little hole in the path and I got to hit it” I knew she was upset but she was taking it way to hard. “Remember last year when George and his boys flipped a load into the creek and they spent the day picking up their load?” She laughed at what I had said because she kept telling them they needed to get a better driver. ”Karmas a whore” she said as she smiled and took a drink. I started laughing, Rose tried to play tougher than you all the time but right now it was failing. We opted to play some pool and drink a few more. The more she drank the mouthier she got till she was in the face of one of Billy’s guys, she was going to kick his little skinny ass. A snicker from one of the other hands on his crew sent her over the table as I grabbed her by the shirt collar to stop a fight. The sound her tearing cloth made me instantly regret my decision. She spun around with a look of shock and anger and punched me in the face. I felt the blood start flowing out of my nose as I fell back. She kept watching as I crashed onto a table blurry eye and off balance. “Serves you right!” she yelled “I can take em all on” She walked over and helped me out the door and I heard a few rude comments behind us. I was in no shape to drive now as she tossed me in the back of her truck. I had no idea where we were going. I sat up so I wouldn’t get sick as she went around town a few times jumping over the tracks and bouncing me like a rag doll in the back. Finally we pulled up to her place and she stopped. I could see her leaned over on the wheel and I thought maybe she had passed out or something. Then I heard it, she was crying. I got out carefully and walked to her door. I gently opened the door and waited.

Rose looked up at me tears covering her face and for once I saw her in a very different light, she did have a soft side that didn’t include bar brawls and being the best man for the job. She looked at me and apologized for breaking my nose. “I had it coming” I jibed “think I am the last guy in town that could brag you hadn’t broken my nose yet”  She gave a little laugh “Come on hayseed, lets got some ice for that” she said as she got out of the truck and headed toward her trailer. We got inside and it was the first time I had ever been in her place. It was early American junk meets PRCA. Silver belt buckles in a case from when she was in her teens hung in a case on the wall. There was a picture when she won the woman’s division for calf roping, she had been all guts and glory and now she was one of us, forgotten cowboys just scratching out a living in the dirt and sweat.

I followed her to the kitchen as she got a little towel and put some ice in it and put it on my face. The swelling had already started and she pushed me back into a chair. I watched as she turned and took off her shirt, her back looked like silk smooth skin in need of a strong mans touch. She sighed as she looked at the new rip from my intervention. She turned and I forgot all the ways she was like a man, her breast looked so inviting as she started to walk to the back to get a new shirt. I got up and she looked at me, I am sure she could feel the hunger now radiating off me. She pushed by and raised a hand “This aint no 8 second ride here, and I will make you wish you were on the meanest bronco if you try it” I walked up behind her, never saying a word just getting close and smelled her hair and then leaned down and kissed her neck. She froze in place, taking it in. I let my lips do the talking as I kissed slowly around her neck and then on her face. I wanted her; I just hoped she wanted me. She turned slowly and faced me, not a word said as she locker her fingers in the back on my hair and pulled me to her and kissed me. We stood there for several minutes like that, tongues circling and caressing till she pulled back enough to bite my bottom lip and pull me along to the bedroom.

“Not a word of this leaves this place, understand” She said “I don’t need the others thinking I am some kind of whore that will give them a cheap ride” I shook my head yes as she pushed me back on the bed. She was kneeling over me and slowly undressing. Her bra slid off and the dirt line made her breast seem even bigger. Her nipples so dark looked like candy for me to lick and suck and she leaned over. I let my tongue slide over them as she let out a sigh and worked with her belt.  She got up for a minute to shimmy out of her jeans and panties then crawled back on me. I continued to play with her breast and run my hands over her body. I wanted to fuck her brains out but I knew if I did that right now I would never have a chance again with her. I let her set the pace as she slid her fingers along my body.

“Have you ever tasted a woman before?” Rose asked. I shook my head no “Would you like to? I think you might really like it, I know I would.”  “I will try anything once” I said with a grin. She got up and I started to but she pushed me back and straddled my face like I was a saddle. I was confused. She told me to lick her pussy just like I had done her nipples. I could smell her deep musky smell and it made me wonder if I was going to like this or not. I felt her slowly unzip my pants as she told me to just start with my fingers and play with her slowly at first. I slid my fingers on the soft flesh, I liked the way it felt as it moved and responded with the slightest touch.  I slid my finger slowly along the side and then into her, it was amazing how wet her skin suddenly became. I let my fingers slide in a little deeper and a sigh escaped her lips. As I grew more comfortable with what I was doing. I realized she was lowering herself closer to my mouth. I put out my tongue and for the first time I got a taste of sweet pussy nectar that was now covering the entire region. I was found I actually liked it and gave another lick and another till my tongue was lapping like a dog at a water dish. She started to wiggle and squirm till she whole body tensed up, she slammed down on my face and I thought I had sent her into a seizure or something bad. She ground down against me and I was starting to freak out. Then she relaxed and came back to earth. “Are you ok?” I asked. She moaned “I am fantastic” then she leaned down and started to lick the tip of my cock. I had heard about this but never actually had the pleasure. I tried to get a look but she had me locked down and I wasn’t moving, in fact I got the feeling she wanted me to lick her pussy some more.

She was even wetter than before and I was getting quite a taste of what she had to offer. I felt myself getting close to the edge and about to cum, I didn’t ever give her a warning as my cock exploded in her mouth, I figured she would like what she got as much as I was enjoying her sweet taste. She gagged a little as I shot a load the size of Texas in her mouth. Then she started to shake again and came on my face, this time I kept licking her till she was begging me to stop. I did what I was told and she rolled off me after a minute. She looked deep in my eyes and smiled. “It’s been a while for us both hasn’t it hayseed?” I shook my head yes and she laid her head on my chest.  She fell asleep there and I did too.

The next morning we woke to the sound of the horn outside. I ran and got my boots and pants on, then out the door. She just laid there in the bed not getting up. I ran back in and she rolled and looked at me and said she wasn’t feeling well and needed the day off. I went on with the crew as we bucked hay all day in the hot sun. We got a guy off Billy’s team to help us and made a really good run of it. When we got back that evening there was a note on her trailer door for me. “Thank you Hayseed I will always enjoy last night but I need to go and find something more fitting for a lady to do.” I never saw her again after that. I was a bit devastated and a might bit heartbroken. She set me on the right path though; I learned to not fear a woman or her body.

The buzzing of the dryer snaps me back to the here and now. I have been married a few times and live with few regrets. The one thing I wish I knew is what ever happened to Rose. I hope she found what she was looking for…

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