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He had taken the dog out, walked the kid to the bus and left for work, same thing every day as she lay there in bed. A few more minutes of rest before the day started, they were cherished moments she treasured. No alarm clock to race against, no haggling with coworkers, just a chance to go back to slee…

He smiled at her as she lay there her hair all wild as it was each morning, he kissed her softly on the forehead as they told one another they loved the other and have a good day. Life was good and he left for what she thought was work. He made the usual turn and went down the street and got a cup of coffee at the local Duncan donuts, He knew she would fall back asleep and this time he was going to catch her. He went over the thoughts in his head; his only possible problem was if the dog started barking. Little yap yap mutt he thought as he figured that that was an acceptable risk in this plan. He finished his coffee and looked at his watch. He had given her enough time to fall back asleep so he headed back to the house. There he snuck in feeling more like an intruder trying to not set off an alarm. The dog came running around the corner happy to see him as always. He tossed it a treat to keep it quite then went to the master bedroom. Outside the door he took a deep breath and put on the mask. Very carefully he opened the door and closed it without a word. He snuck to her side of the bed, last chance to rethink this whole idea. No it was time to get this done. He grabbed her quickly and covered her mouth so she couldn’t scream. Her eyes flew open in a confused panic as he quickly grabbed an arm and secured the arm with a rope trick a friend had taught him. It was all out combat now as she came alive like a wild cat. He was trying to not hurt her and at the same time subdue her, this proved to be a difficult task till he pulled out a knife. Suddenly she went stone still. And he was able to secure the other arm, then to the bathroom.

She shook in fear as he pushed her to the tile room, it was like a bad dream she couldn’t wake from. The cold tile on the floor under her feet made her have to pee instantly. She felt him grab her by the back of the head and put her in the tub. A muffled voice told her to piss and get it over with. She looked at him blankly as he pushed her to a squatting position. As she was there he started to unzip his pants. She couldn’t hold it anymore the warm golden liquid burst from her body. She heard it hit the bottom of the tub and then splash onto her feet. She suddenly felt so dirty and ashamed as this man stood there watching and now had his cock out. As she finished up she shot him a look straight into the eyes and said there you fucking pervert I pissed for you, just get whatever you got in mind over with, I have things to do.

He was trying to not laugh at her sudden playing the tough girl, he loved it when she did that, watching the bold would be aggressor suddenly be cowed down. He knew this game well and that she was trying to intimidate him, she did that so well. He had to piss himself so bad, the coffee was killing him and in a flash of the moment he started to urinate on her. She suddenly looked away probably to not get it in her face as the hot liquid landed on her breast and ran down. He made sure to get her legs and as much of her as he could. “Bitch I am marking you for mine” he said, trying to keep his voice deep and unnatural. She never looked up and for a moment he thought about letting her off the hook but something told him he would regret not taking her all the way. He could tell she was having an inner struggle though he didn’t know what side was winning. He picked her up by the back of the hair and led her to the sink, her body shimmered in the light from the liquid like she had just put on lotion. His cock was now rock hard and he wanted to slam her against the sink and fuck her brains out. No not yet, he remembered he was going to tease her for a while. Then he remembered to put the gag on her and she tried to resist for a moment but he prevailed.Prisionera

She stood there watching him fumble in the cabinet like he was looking for something. She was so glad she had cleaned up when he opened the top shelf where she normally kept her toys. He sounded quite frustrated but she was in no position to fight him now, her arms were starting to ache from being bound behind her back. She would endure whatever thing this vile creature had in mind and when he was done she was going to beat the crap out of him.  Then she shuddered as he found her curling iron, the long slender silver shined in his hand as he walked behind her with it in his hand.  She felt it running over her body and shut her eyes tight. She was jolted as he yanked her hair and told her to look in the mirror and watch. She trembled as he ran the iron over her body with one hand and now the knife over her body with the other.  Her mind started to falter as she suddenly had a flash to one of her books she had read, the hot bathroom scene and how she wore out a set of batteries thinking about it. NO NO NO! she screamed in her head but the words failed to escape her lips. She felt the warm rush as he was touching her but not harsh but like a lover and tempter would. She felt a chill go along her spine as the cool air of the room made the wet parts of her body feel cold. Then she felt the iron go down between her legs, she knew he was off balance and could at least kick him over and try and run away. When the iron ran over her clit and slide along the lips of her pussy she forgot what she was thinking. She left out a soft moan and immediately regretted it.

Her soft moan triggered him to let her know who was in charge, he just hoped this would work as he pushed on the leaver and opened the clamp. She gasped as he let the clamps down, the best part of watching her get ready several times over the years was the fact he knew what her implements would do. He was trying to be careful as she jumped and the curling iron went flying. He wasn’t ready for the full head on thrust as she now fought to get away. He was slammed back on the tile a bit dazed but now he had to stop her before she would make it to the living room. He caught her in the hall, his head buzzing from the hit but otherwise he was ok. She started screaming at him from behind her gag. Profanity he never heard her say before came flowing out like water. He picked her up by the hair and pushed her to the banister and held her there. He turned her around and forced her over, a few quick ties with some spare shoe laces he found secured her for a moment while he untied her hands and then secured her bent over the edge.

She found herself in a very precarious situation; bent over like that she had no way of fighting him. And she would only be able to endure whatever this fiend was going to do to her. She tried to block it out of her mind as he left her for a minute and walked to the bedroom. The sound of the dresser opening and closing, he was looking for something. She was looking around and noticed the boys had left their left their dirty cereal bowls on the table again; they were going to get it when they get home. OH MY GOD she thought how can I be thinking of housekeeping right now? She heard him return and could see he had something in his hand but she had no idea what till the low hum started. Her cunt instantly clinched and she became wet. She felt her body betray her as the first touch of the vibrator on her pussy sent her into orbit. Her body and mind fought like mad while the vile intruder continued to taunt and tease her body. He pinched her nipples and she moaned louder, not from the pain but from the sudden rush of what was happening. Her moans started to escape without her permission but there was no denying this felt good.

He was fucking her with the vibrator at about the pace he would watch her use it on herself and she was all but begging to be fucked as she started into a series of orgasms. With her bent over like that he had great access and a very nice view also. He wanted to give her a smack on the ass but he didn’t want to break the moment. That might give him away. Several minutes of torture and he decided to change things up. As he slid the vibrator out she started to go limp on the banister till he ran it over her ass. He watched her flex and move as she realized she was still helpless. Now a warm sensation as he used a lube that was in the bedroom, she knew what was coming next and she took a breath and felt the vibrator slide into her ass.

She was grateful that he didn’t just ram it in, that would have hurt like fucking hell, he was working it slow and took his time. She remembered all the shows she had watched were a woman was assaulted and most of the time it was someone they knew. Her mind went through the possibilities and several of the ideas were really making her hot, she didn’t ever realize she was pushing back till she felt the ears of the rabbit touch her pussy lips. She gasped realizing she was enjoying it, A LOT! In fact she was about to cum again.

He watched in fascination as she responded to the anal invasion, he wished he knew where her mind was but that would have to wait for later. From under his sweatshirt he took out a gift for her and started to put it on. She groaned in bliss unaware of what was about to happen. He slowly removed the vibrator from her ass and got behind her, she felt a cock at her drenched pussy and then something a bit more ridged at her ass. Her mind went into over drive as she felt the first pressure and her body being double invaded. This intruder wasn’t just taking advantage of her body, he was getting into her thoughts and doing what she had longed to try but was too ashamed to admit. The first few pushes were nice and light, testing till he was all the way in, then he fucked her savagely. Her ass clenched at the first few thrusts and her cunt wanted what is was getting. Her body went ridged and her screams behind the gag would have made even the dead come to life. She could feel the cock swelling in her and hoped he would release deep into her, she love that feeling and she was not disappointed as he exploded. She couldn’t stop the wave that crashed over her in that final moment.

As he lay there still buried inside her he removed the mask and let it drop and she watched it fall to the floor. She could not turn enough to see who it was yet but was desperate to know. She felt humiliated and well used, yet also fulfilled and happy. The conflicting feeling made her want to know who her attacker/lover was. Then he did the most unexpected thing, she felt a warm rush in her cunt, it took a second before she realized he was pissing inside her. Worse yet her body responded with a sudden and unannounced orgasm. She shuddered as the golden liquid ran down her leg and onto the floor. She felt him pull out and the ties were cut. He put his hand over here eyes and turned her around back to the bedroom he pushed her, this time no more fight, she had to know who it was. He let his hands move away and untied the gag. She slowly opened her eyes and was looking at her husband’s face in the mirror behind her. He had the biggest wicked smile as he wrapped his arms around her. Happy birthday he whispered in her ear. She looked confused. My birthday isn’t for a month she said. He knew, but then again why wait for what was a great gift and perfect timing.

He led her to the shower and they got cleaned up then took a long bath together playing and teasing. She finally asked where he got the idea and he confessed from her books she was always reading. He wanted her to be the damsel she always read about that was ravaged by some villainous person. She smiled, but the urinating on me? That was never in the book she replied. Improvising my love, as he gave a wink, I drank too much coffee and didn’t want to interrupt the fun I was having. So what do you want for our anniversary he said with a wicked grin…

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