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Sexually Speaking He Said She Said Graphic by Malflic.comNote: This is an edited transcript of the Malflic and the Pixie discussing a recent spanking play session.  You can read the Pixie’s perspective in Being a Test Bottom” and Malflic’s Perspective in the “Paddle Test”

In case you missed the earlier posts here’s a bit of background not only on this session but on the pair.  The Pixie is a mid 20’s occasional play partner of Mal’s.  He has age play hang ups but she seems to be the only woman in the world who is not his off spring that can get away with calling him Daddy.   Something she exploits every chance she gets.  While they are friends and do occasionally go out together the activities are more or less vanilla or as vanillas two perverts can be.  The pair do not have a sexual relationship.  Malflic recent received two new paddles from Lord Raven and she was the lady he got to try them out on.  

As always M is for Malflic and in this case P is for his Pixie


M:  So how’s your ass?

P: it’s sore how do you think it is.

M:  Are you bruised ?

P: Not really or at least not yet but I could still feel it without needing to try to most of last night.  Nothing terrible but it was a reminder of what happened.

M:  If I got what you said afterwards and again earlier today you liked the foam sided paddle the best.

P: I did because it was so different.  It’s not something I’d pick if we were doing a hard scene or of I really wanted you to torch me.  It was a nice change, kind of playful and sensual.

M: Hmmm I remember someone biting her lip and fighting to take her licks at one point so I didn’t do a thorough job?

P: that was the only time if felt normal.  What we did wasn’t a scene.  (she pauses and recalls a few other times they’d played using Mal as a strict Daddy type)  I missed that, it’s the part I get off on.  This was fun but random.   I like the role play and the dynamic of it. I felt like I could have ended it at anytime but just calling a time out.   Not because I needed to safe word but because it felt more like a rehearsal.   You didn’t help at all and I  just couldn’t get into that head space.  You kept asking me for feedback and input like I was test driving a Honda.

M: ok so it wasn’t as fun for you as it was for me.  Sorry about that.

P: That’s not what I meant. I had fun but like the old way better.  You changed everything.   Position, room, all of it so it’s not fair to compare.  Leaving the drapes open so I could see outside, or be seen if someone wondered past worried me at first but the more I thought about it got me kind of hot. If you’d have been in a stern role play telling me I was so naughty that anyone who walked by should see what I get for misbehaving.   (the Pixie utters a series of  guttural and barely audible sounds of what we assume was delight).  Actually that sounds like a lot of fun.

M:  Maybe I should set up our next play time with an audience. Did I really leave the drapes open?

The Pixie adds a few suggestions to go with that idea that center around a school room setting or something with a large “family” dynamic to it, then she wondered off topic for several minutes discussing an upcoming adventure of hers, and the finally takes a breath.

M: I liked having you kneeling on all fours. Plus you looked sexy as hell and I think I had a better feel for your tolerance.

P: You just liked the all access kitty shot.

M: of course I did.  So what about the paddles? We’ll call them Delicious and Evil.

P:  Delicious you know I liked because I asked for it at the end.   I could really feel the impact but it had no sting at all. You could find a way to be cruel with it but it would take quite a while to wear someone out with the padded side.

M: Maybe we should try that at some point.  A nice long leisurely butt whooping.

P: Maybe as long as you don’t switch to the wood side without telling me.

Malflic laughs

P: You sick fuck! (Spoken with playful contempt and disdain)

M: Watch your mouth young lady! (he snaps into top mode for a few seconds before emitting an evil laugh that would scare most people) Tell me about the evil one?

P: You weren’t playing then, I could tell what your intention was there.  No questions or curiosity just right down to business.  I’d get five quick swats and then a little rest except one time you gave me six before pausing and I wasn’t ready for it.

M: I think that one is literally made from a template of one that was given to Raven by a retired school teacher.  So it’s based on the genuine article that was used on naughty school girls.

P: Suddenly I like it A LOT more.  Really?  Are you kidding? Quit fucking with me.

M: Nope unless I’m mistaken the dimensions were literally taken from a board that had been used for decades in an “official capacity” in the great state of Georgia.   I’ve seen pictures of the original but haven’t been down to visit since he got it.


Shortly after this the pair descend into a series of random topics that include sun tan lotion, night clubs, random drunken hook ups, work issues, and other assorted insanity.  We quit listening after 10 minutes and this concludes  the “They Said” portion for the Test Bottom and the Mad Scientist.


Postlude by Mal: I Micheal Malflic suck at dates and learned two days after the fact that it was someone’s birthday.  With that said I still owe her a proper and very sound birthday spanking in the near future.  This time I’ll do a bit more homework, take a few of her previous suggestions into account and do my best to both surprise her and trip her triggers with a planned scene.  Also if you are having a birthday and would like me to remember please remind me  (or have the Chesty Blonde remind me) because as I said I suck at remembering dates if you are not one of the people who live in my house.  Also while I had fun and think the Pixie did too our conversation really is reflective of the need for communication even between friends and existing play partners.   I thought I had been clear on my intention, that literally yes I wanted to play but I had two new toys to try out. She thought that I was just being coy and expected a familiar scene and or a birthday themed spanking.


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18 thoughts on “They Said – The Test Bottom & the Mad Scientist

  • Marie Rebelle

    Interesting conversation and it portrays very clearly that both of you had different intentions with the session that turned out not to be a session 😉

    Thanks for sharing your conversation.

    Rebel xox

    • admin

      The upside of the thing is because of the miscue we’ll probably play together again sooner than we would have normally.

  • Lord Raven

    *wicked smile* You have no idea how big a smile I have after reading this one.

    Just to set the record strait, yes the template for “evil” is in fact a gift I received from a retired school teacher, a quite spunky older lady who I had the wonderful privilege of meeting.

    Oh and my birthday is coming up in March and I got an idea of what I would like but I might need some help pulling it off. *hint hint*

    Great write as always Brother, I really enjoy these pieces.

    • admin

      Glad it made you smile. As for the birthday thing let me know and I’ll do what I can. I’m still working on the Frolicon dates and should know about them in the next week or so.

  • cammies on the floor

    One part in particular stood out to me and that was a comment by Pixie about the headspace and it being difficult to get into when required to provide feedback. I had this very same conversation today and it made me chuckle.

    It’s hard to find subspace when you’re required to THINK.

    Other parts very eloquently highlighted the need for communication because it’s surprising what two different perspectives bring about.

    Entertaining read for sure!

    • admin

      Understanding the headspace my partner is in or wants to be in is one i struggle with from time to time. I find the shift that sometimes occurs in a scene more obvious (body language, behavior, eye contact) than non verbalized pre scene intentions.

  • Molly

    I think this type of communication is so important. Talking things through before hand is important but people often forget about the after talk… personally I think it is more important than the pre-talk… Afterwards my thoughts are often clearer and I can really explore things with words which lead us to learning about the little things that really fire me up


    • admin


      You’re so right. This was the first time I deviated from what was more or less our usual script. I thought they way we had played in the past was the result of the first time where the scene was really set up for me and my preferences. Until we really talked it through i didn’t realize that a lot of our regular elements were actually her preference.

  • Twisted Angel

    Ok having never been spanked like mentioned above I am trying to envision the padded paddle. Part of me is curious until we talk bruising and then I am like hmmm not so much lol.

    • admin


      I’ll put up or shoot you a pic of the paddle because its really unique. As for the marks she’s what i guess you would call a heavy spanking player. More on the edge than anything sensual. Typically we go straight to wood on bare skin with no warm up which has been her choice not mine.

  • Stella Kiink

    Not sure why, but I keep getting kicked off when trying to post a comment. 🙁

    I agree with Molly, the after play talk is so helpful. It can sometimes be the most honest communication.

    • admin


      Sorry you had a problem with the site when trying to comment. If it happens again please let me. I absolutely learned more about her preferences after the fact than I had before.

  • Mia

    Also for me the after-talk is the most important part of any play, as it is such a good time to explore where things went and how everyone feels about the session.

    ~Mia~ xx

    • admin

      After care is something I’ve learned to work on but in the past week or so I’ve also been focusing on the after talk and am really enjoying it.

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