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Sexually Speaking He Said She Said - The Female PerspectiveDisclaimer:  the Pixie’s part was recorded as a conversation with Mal immediately prior to the They Said Segment which is a deviation for how this column is typically done.  Mal claimed it was because of time constraints but we think he just wanted to torment her a little more and thought she might never get around to typing things out. Which is probably accurate. The He Said piece is called “The Paddle Test” will be linked from here when it’s available.  The They Said Potion “The Test Bottom and the Mad Scientist” will conclude this topic

Malflic’s Pixie Said…

So I guess this in my “punishment” because I wouldn’t let someone take any pictures of my ass when he was done spanking it. So I was “convinced” to talk about the experience instead.   I’m Malflic’s Pixie and I’m the only one who gets away with calling him Daddy.   The Daddy thing started it as a joke and when I saw it freaked him out so I kept doing it everywhere.    Recently I was sassing him and he told me I needed a good spanking.  Which if you know me is pretty much always the case and not something I’d pass on all that often.   So I played along and asked “Daddy” if he was really going to do it.   I already knew the answer and had played this game with him a few times before and that is when I was told not only was he going treat me like a bad girl but he had a few new things to try out on me which is what led to yesterday.

I found out that had had two new paddles he “needed to try out”  that were gifts that had been given to him.  So I showed up, bratted him a little just to set the mood, and then waited for him to tell me to go to the dining room so things could begin.  Of course he sent me to his office instead which was new and said he’s join me in a few minutes.   I’d been in his office before but just for a visit this time there was an large ottoman with pillows on top of it right in the center and two black paddles laid out.

Typically we set a scene, I get paddled more or less in character and then we go back to normal.  This time though I was treated more or less as a science experiment.   New toys, new position, and no role play but that didn’t mean there was any less spanking involved.   The round paddle had a deep thud on the foam side  I could feel each swat deep in my bottom.  I liked it a lot and the sound was wonderful.  The wooden side of it was thuddy and heavy but still different; it had a bit of sting but nothing major.   Then there was the Evil One – It fucking hurt and of course someone didn’t show me much mercy.   I didn’t get to get into a play head space because he kept soliciting feedback and was in mad scientist mode and not at all into playing Daddy.  Guess I was just the lucky girl who got picked to  be his lab rat.



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