Other People’s Kink The It’s Almost the Apocalypse Edition 2

Other People's Kink LogoThe end is near so I want to take a minute and ask you if you’re ready for the afterlife? Have you prepared your soul for the ever after? Well I have and in preparation I’ve laid out my best leathers for Dec 23rd because nothing ever happens on time; not even the end of the world. Packed a few latex and PVC numbers for the Chesty Blonde then burned all her flats and sensible shoes in a secret pagan end of the world ritual.  Then I made sure in her next life she could only wear slutty and super kinky thigh high boots.   Actually I might even take time to get my boots blacked. Now on to the real content.


Malflic’s Pick
One Drink Away from your First Kiss with Another Girl – The lustful Literate. Being one who struggles with labels and the inability to find one that fits him Mal’s pick this month by Brigit Delaney is a thought provoking piece on who really does fit into which category (or not). As for us we think Mal fits in the black boots for life club outside of that he’s just a freak.
Very Cool Accidental Find
Count Boogie showed up on the kinky and popular list and he’s provided a few hours of true belly laughs to us with his video. He’s kind of like Weird Al for kinky people.

Pervable Free Sample and Pay Site
Nothing here that we’ve seen but good English themed spanking clips. The punishments seemed to be real and there were ample free samples that allow you to get a feel for the site. Frankly we just perved the freebies for an hour or so and thought they were good enough to warrant a mention.

It’s just so tempting sale…
We featured their hemp bondage rope in our Kinkster’s Christmas post but this is just a reminder our friends over at Aja Rope have their great MFP bondage rope on sale until 12/31. Mal has been told he doesn’t need MORE rope. Which means he’ll probably buy some especially since someone with a large chest and long blonde hair recently played the word Jute against him for 312 points in words with friends.

Our Old Friend’s Cool Stuff Suggestion
We’ve been friends with the at times bombastic, always entertaining, and typically hysterical Reverend John Sleestaxx for years and years. Both of his highly entertaining and absolutely irreverent and hysterical books are available for free.

Places to promote your own writing…
Unfortunately E Lust looks like it’s come to the end of its run. If you’re looking for other meme’s be sure to check out Wicked Wednesday and Sinful Sunday. We’ve been reading along for a while so guess it’s time to jump into the fray.

Finally… some happenings
Rope Bite is this Sunday at Shameless (once again Mal won’t be there he’s traveling for work).


Also at Shameless next weekend Dec 15th there is an Artist reception as Part of Savage X II (FB Details) both the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Righteous Virtues will be featured. (This one is still in play as to whether or not Mal will make it it depends on if he’s done taking a carriage ride through the Christmas lights. No we’re not kidding).  20% of the proceeds benefit Sex + STL.


Speaking of Christmas lights Malflic will be participating in the Light Run in south city the night of the 17th with some fabulous, kinky, and vanilla friends. Say hi if you see him. He’ll be the straight fat guy who doesn’t look like a runner surrounded by about 12 lithe women and a few gay guys.
Last but not least the rope social is the 30th at Bad Dog see Fet for details but rumor has it there will be escape games played. Insert cruel intentions and wicked grins as appropriate

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Minor Demon, life long hedonist, sadist and general nerd. Women are my weakness and greatest addiction of choice followed by torrid love affair with coffee and caffeine. When not committing sins of the flesh I'm an unrepentant capitalist, avid reader, Star Wars, and B rate comedy movie geek.

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      Happy to it was a great piece and since I’m always pining about where I personally fit in the scheme of things (I don’t belong to the cool clubs, I’m not a true lifestyler etc) it really struck a chord.

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