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The hypnotic sound of the music made the forceful growl fall into the back drop. Being placed into her proper position for the time of that seductive pleasurable pain made the anticipation of what was to come become and internal inferno.  Warm up part of their routine as Master chose their favorite flogger. A flip of the wrist turned the limp tendrils into a living bringer of delightful bliss as it licked the flesh. Lick after lick of the leather and neoprene began to make her wet, the soft gasps as the heat on her skin grew. Slowly transporting her into that other world. The song faded as Master stopped and took another device.

The dull thud of the paddle continued the warm up as the hits  fell quickly in time. Smacks of padding on flesh drove her deeper into the sacred space she alone could travel into. The second song ended as her moans became the only sound, a brief moment as Master smiled, then the  next song took over. The faster tempo meant a faster thudding of the paddle that was made just for her ass. Harder as the time increased, then a flip to the sharper stinging side of the paddle. The fast sharp smacks reddened her tender ass quickly. Another flip of the wrist as Master turned back to the softer padded side of the paddle. Master took great pleasure in making sure she would fall over the edge of her lustful desire puling her back from that wanted release till He pulled her hair and growled for her to cum. It was almost an instant explosion as her body responded with that deep shudder. Her nails digging deep in the sheets as His attentions were deliberate to make her stay over the edge. Louder and louder she wailed as the release took her down that last part of the path, she had arrived into her space. She didn’t even know when Master had flipped the paddle and was using just the sharp sting of the wood. He then let off the pressure of His strikes and rubbed her soft flesh feeling the heat and listening to her whimpers of ecstasy as the music continued.

A change of the implements made for different feels and she enjoyed each as much as the other. The cane, various crosp, the rattan sticks but of them all she responded the most to an odd piece that was more for fun and curiosity of the Master. It was the former center of the aluminum foil, the hollow heavy cardboard tube made a delightful loud thud as well as being light and easy to use. Master delighted in His creative mind and how to find new things to make her feel like the princess whore she is. The music continued as the loud thump was only rivaled by her waves of release passion. Orgasms came faster and harder as her knees started to falter.

Then came what she had desired all along as Master got behind her, first rubbing his clothed body against her nude flash, making her wild with need and want. He danced against her bare skin grinding to the beat, turning up the heat. Never begging Him to take her for she knew He would take a delight in making her wait all the longer. As the song ended she could tell He was disrobing behind her. She felt the warm flesh pressed against her body as she wanted to beg for Him to take her, then the sting of His bare hands on each ass cheek. As she felt His cock slide into her almost desperate pussy she exploded. He pulled her hair back and growled in a guttural low growl for her to cum as He pounded her tender flesh. She was no longer a part of this world but and become a primal beast, wanting, needing her lust to be fulfilled.

He took several of the various items and kept time on her ass with the music as deep thrust slammed her into oblivion. The feel of the cardboard roll and its distinctive sound made her howl as release took her once again. No mercy as He took her for His own. No chance of her finding escape as He buried deep hard thrusts into her body, not that she even desired escape, but rather to let herself fall into the abyss of her pleasure and pain.

Finally she was made to lay on her back as He again took her. Her legs resting on His shoulders then that deep first thrust. The change of position made her gasp and explode. Nothing was held back as she was His for the taking. Her body and mind now separate in time and space, as they belonged to Him.  Her nails digging into His back as the waves washed her away. A final slow song as He kissed her, taking her slowly and tenderly. the power of her orgasm could not be refuted as her eyes went blank and rolled back into her heads, His favorite sight. She was in the place He wanted her to go. A place of bliss and peace in herself. It is the Master’s gift to His faithful and deserving sub. The music stopped as He took her slowly and deeply. she could feel Him beginning to make His way to His own release. His animalistic sound when He came was beautiful to her ears.


She joined Him in that moment as they came together. Sweat running down their bodies as He rested on her small frame. They held each other and as she came back to earth she whispered “thank you”. That is the greatest gift a Master can get, the gratitude of His sub, second only to her desire to put her faith and trust in Him.

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Lord Raven is a master at blending both the erotic and the macabre. He is a life Style Dominant who came into things in this way of living in the "traditional" manner and has been involved in BDSM for more than 20 years. He is a highly social creature by nature and his hobbies include paddle making, knife play, general deviance, gratuitous flirtation, and of course rough sex.

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