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Today was a day me and my sub really needed, not the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping or anything like that but rather a wild sexual energy driven day. We went to an event called Twisted Toyland. I have been hearing about it for a while and I wanted so bad to go but with our crazy lives and schedules I was worried it might not happen. Well it did and we both are so glad it did.

In a nut shell it is an adult event mostly aimed at the adult BDSM lifestyle. There was music and food, of course adult beverages, even a few floor shows, and vendors but best of all for us it was a place where we could be around people like us. The attire went from normal street wear to pasties and thongs, there probably would have been less but the rules said that the “pink parts” had to remain covered at all times. It was Logo_3_Color-235x211a great time to be had by all from the novice 50 shade readers to the in-depth practitioner of the lifestyle. One of the greatest things about the event is that all the proceeds from the $5 admission and food sales went to Lost and found, an Atlanta-based nonprofit whose mission is to take homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth off the street and the Atlanta Community Food Bank. There even was a contest or two that was done to help raise money also by putting money in a jar for your favorite team. http://twistedtoyland.org/ is the web page is your interested in more of the details on that part.

Ok I admit I didn’t try the food, I was hungry before the event and picked up something quick but I hear the chili is awesome. I did partake of an adult beverage (Captain Morgan and coke for those who really want to know) from the well stocked bad. The music was a bit loud when talking to the vendors but it wasn’t so loud as to hurt the ears, it just made me have to pay more attention to what was being said (yeah I am one of those ADHD people and all the skin wandering around didn’t help). The floor shows were mostly done on stage, there was a rope tying show where a guy from Omegajute (forgot his name) was tying someone. I only caught part of the show as I was also browsing all the other fun items before I realized I was missing the show. Also there was a hanging swing that I got to watch a very well built young man perform his aero tricks to the applause and amazement of the crowd, it was intense and breathtaking at the same time. My favorite part was the candy cane sucking contest that was done for prizes and to help raise money for the above mentioned charities. there were 6 teams total 2 girl-girl teams 2 guy-guy teams and 2 hetro teams. The winners were one of the girl-girl teams what came from Alabama (goes to show you Alabama really does suck…lol)

During all this you can look around and check out the vendors, they ranged from the masks and light gear to the medical equipment and stun guns. There were whips, crops and paddles, oh my! Enough things to tempt the most chaste person to loosen their morality and get a bit freaky. We did have a set cash amount we had to spend if we desired and there were a few purchases and new toy added to our collection. We got 2 new rattan canes from Tyger Tailz, sorry I didn’t get their card. Also there was a chain link bracelet for me from Damon Mace www.arieschainmailandleather.com He told me that he will fix the bracelet if it gets broken for free. Now for those that know last April I got a collar for my sub (and the only one I have ever bought) and she wears it with pride. The bracelet is to me what the collar is to her, a symbol of our united commitment to one another. I will wear it with pride when I top her and other times as well. We also purchased a wicked stick from Kiv www.InnovativeKink.com and for those who like a nice sharp well placed sting I would highly recommend one or 10, but one should be all you need. I truly respect the man now and know for a fact he stands behind his product because I did something he has never seen happen, I broke one in normal play. He let me keep the broken one and gave me a replacement. Great business in my book, a man who stands behind his products. We also purchased something from Kiv I found odd and interesting, a rawhide cane, we will see how it works and give a report back later. The one disappointment is that it was out of our budget to get one of the leather paddles from John www.leatherthorn.homestead.com He was a very nice gentleman to speak with and I had my heart set on getting a Two Slot American Tawse that is featured on his site. it was very soft and flexible. I can only imagine the fun it would bring when it let those beautiful marks on soft flesh.

In short we had a budget of $120 and came back with $2 that included drinks so the prices were great because everyone who has been in the lifestyle for a while knows good toys aren’t cheep, you get what you pay for.

But the best part of all was being around people like us, connecting with old friends and making new ones. I think it is great to get the chance to “let your hair down” and be around people who share a common interest. Never did I feel out of place or like I was a freak, in fact I felt a little on the tame side, I did my innocent look though those who know me would have to laugh. Kinky people need a place to let loose and relax, this was the place to be today. There are different events during the year and if you are coming to the Atlanta area I recommend checking to see if there is going to be an event that weekend.

Stay tune to some one on one interviews with some of the makers of the toys. I am hoping that some of the makes will let me pick their brain and share some of ideas and give the rest of us a look into their world.


Editor’s note: Post edited 12/16 to include Hyper Links to Charities and Vendors

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    I so miss events like that. We use to have them here outside of the big Cons but they just faded away. I got some great stuff at a few of them.

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