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She saw him there at the gas station, his skin glistening in the hot sun. His hair tossed by riding his motorcycle, the rips in his jeans were from being a rugged man and not some need to show off. Sweat rolled down his forehead and down the side of his face.  She was in a mood and leered as thought of having him pump her rather than his gas made her pussy twinge. He looked right at her at that moment and gave a small smile as if he had read her mind. A flush of excitement and embarrassment over her secret thoughts made her hurry home and find her toy. She took her time in the tub enjoying the fantasy of the day.


The next day she went to work, passing the gas station she smiled at the musing she had fantasized about. Pulling into the office the same old shit like usual. The phone ringing and the paperwork, she wanted an escape. The bell on the door sounded, she looked up and almost fell out of her chair. There he was dressed in a suit and tie but those eyes so deep and mysterious like a held back animal longing for escape. She felt herself get wet almost instantly; walking over to the front desk she could barely whisper asking him how she could help him.

She knew he said his name but it escaped her because of the desperate hunger she was fighting back. He explained he was new to the town as was looking for a position. Her mind went blank except for the positions she wanted him in. Her face flushed over the sudden flood between her thighs, her face matching her red hair that fell softly over her face. He gave a knowing smile as she handed him an application, her hands shaking from pure lust. She knew if he was hired she would never be able to concentrate on her job. He left and she hurried to the bathroom, her soaked panties making her feel like the whole world could tell her needs. She spent a few minutes taking care of her craving letting his hands run over her in the imaginary world she was creating.

Going home she was so wishing to see him but no luck. Life was a bit less than she hoped for, kids gone and her husband out of town all the time and definitely not filling her needs much less her fantasy world. A long cold loveless marriage of fast fucks left her longing for more as he packed for his next trip. She thought the fire in her had just flickered out but something lit her about this new treat. She got home and there on the answering machine a message. Another broken promise, her husband was going to be out for 2 more weeks on this trip. She sighed like always and headed for the shower, she stopped looking in the mirror. She had a good body, but of course like all women she felt there was room for improvement. She wondered if he would like what he saw.

She sat on the side of the tub and looked in the mirror, reaching behind her back and taking her shirt and ripping it off like a wild lover trying to get at her flesh. She went through her fantasy, scratching at her body, leaving long red trails from her well manicured nails. She was in full lust and rubbing her clit savagely when the phone rang. She snapped back to reality and answered it. Her friend from work wanting to talk and they got on the subject of the guy that asked for an application. Her friend heard her stumble on her words. Wow he must have gotten to you she said. She became even more flustered as she was usually more composed and in control. The conversation ended and they said their goodbyes. Now time for a shower she thought.

The water falling over her skin as she ran her hands over her body imagining they were his. She was starting to really get into it when suddenly the curtain was ripped back. She let out a loud gasp as she turned and looked right into those feral eyes. A hunger she hadn’t seen since in a long time, it was like he was fucking her body by just looking at her. His chest bare she could see he was tattooed and pierced, she backed against the wall telling him to get out. He smiled wickedly and took a step closer. She screamed I am warning you. He let out a sinister laugh that told her she was in no position to fight him off. I have been watching you since you were checking me out at the gas station, he said. I bet you wore out the batteries in your vibrator by now and need some real meat to fill your cunt.

She shivered; the sudden moment of truth faced her. Her fantasy was face to face with her and she was terrified. Without a word he stepped into the shower, jeans still on. She started to jump out but in a flash he had her pinned against the wall, his strength was greater than hers. She felt her pussy flood with wetness, her body betraying her. She turned her head in shame as he pushed two fingers in her and chuckled. Yep one very wet whore in need of a world class fucking I see. His words just made her feel so weak then he put his fingers into his mouth and licked them clean. Now are we going to do this the easy way or am I going to have to convince you how bad you want me? She tried to push him off and he responded by taking off his belt and binding her hands over the shower head. She was facing him as he pushed her feet apart, running his hands over her like she had imagined happening. She felt her knees go weak as he pushed his fingers back in, his fingers fucking her. No she whispered, please stop. You know how band you want and need to be taken you slut, I see how you look at me. Then she felt her body tense as the first orgasm in a long time rock through her body, he leaned down and bit her nipple as she tossed her head back in a wild scream of release, smacking it on the wall. The world spun and went dark.

She woke laying in bed, had it been a dream? She started to roll over and enjoy the bliss of it when she realized she was tied down. A sudden flash of fear ran through her. She looked around the room, then he walked back in. He was naked now, his cock thick and hard. She almost stared in disbelief, she had see ones like this when her and her girlfriends made fun of the pornos but here she was looking at what could only be described as a monster.

He sat on the edge of the bed looking at her and then told her he was going to fuck her silly. She wanted a moment to process it all. It was like he was in her head, knowing just what she wanted and how to push her buttons. She didn’t have a chance, his thick cock pushed into her deeply. She screamed in pleasure and pain, it felt like he was going to rip her in two. Please stop she begged, I haven’t taken a cock like this before. He stopped for a few seconds once he was fully in to allow her to adjust to being stretched out like this. His cock was hitting the bottom of her tight cunt. She looked into his face, so savage yet in total control. She stated to get used to the feeling of him in her when he started to savagely slam deep into her. She realized she hadn’t taken all his length yet. His grunting as he fucked her made her know it wasn’t going to be long before he flooded her deep inside. She was right as a flood of hot cum shot deep in her. She felt it pumping like a continuous flood of lava into her till he was done. He pulled out and put his cock on her lips, suck it clean you fucking whore he said. She obeyed thinking if she did then he would let her loose and it would be over.

Her pussy was on fire from the hard sudden stretching out. Her lips now filled with his cock feeling like her jaw was going to break trying to fit him. Oh my god she thought. He wasn’t getting soft, in fact he felt like he was as head as before. He put his hands behind her head and fucked her face. Hitting the back of her throat, she gagged several times. No mercy as he was taking full advantage of her helpless situation. A few times he pushed back and she couldn’t breathe, she started to worry he might not have the control to stop if he was about to cum and the last thing she would know is his cock in her mouth.

He stopped suddenly and reached over he, taking a knife and running it over her skin, she started to shake and a tear started to form as she remember all the stories of the women that were raped and killed. Fear was all she felt as the blade ran across her throat, the cold flat of the blade tracing over her. For several minutes he toyed with her like this before cutting the ropes from the bed leaving them long enough to pull her around by. She started to get up and run but she didn’t have a chance as between the betrayal of her legs from being punished like they were and his cat like speed. She found herself bent over the makeup bench face down. He was behind her his cock right at the entrance of her pussy. She looked up into the mirror that she had seen her face in so many time putting makeup on in hopes of being the object of a man’s desire and now she saw a man that was about to use her body for his pleasure right behind her.

Oh God! She yelped as he pushed into her again. His vantage made him hit the bottom  of her pussy in a flash of pain and pleasure. She couldn’t do anything but moan as her body was his for the taking. He growled about how good it felt to fuck her. His hands on her shoulders now, she gasped as he thrust hard, it felt like he was going to ram his cock through her whole body. Please my pussy can’t take any more she whimpered. He stopped to her amazement. Then she felt a shudder of fear as his fingers pushed into her ass. Oh yes he said, of course your pussy needs a break, I think this hole will do nicely you nasty slut. She had a cock in her ass before and liked it but he wasn’t going to be easy. She looked into the mirror and saw a determination on his face as his cock moved out of her pussy, wet from her juices and started to push against her tight ass. She felt a searing pain as he pushed the head in, then he stopped. She thought he might have mercy on her ass at least. He reached to the counter and got some cold cream off to lube the shaft of his cock. She gasped as she could feel the cream on her ass cheeks then he pushed in. She let out a howl of pain. The onslaught made her start to feel dizzy gasping for breath. Then to her amazement she felt his legs tight against hers, she had taken the length of him. She was in too much pain to be proud of that for the moment but he was impressed. Damn you’re the first slut I got all my cock in and in your ass too, impressive you whore.

He waited a minute to allow her to stretch out around him before he started his fucking again. This time he was a bit gentler but every time he pushed all the way in she felt like he was in her stomach with his big cock. He reached under and pushed her vibrator in her pussy. It was too much as she felt herself cum again. He cock twitched as he came close to coming too. No mercy now and he ravaged her tight ass. She felt a release again, flooding her ass. He pulled out and then left her there, she felt like the world was spinning out of control as a sudden wave of nausea swept over her. He walked back in with a cup of water for her.

I am not the monster you think he said. She looked up, her face in the mirror told her she was spent and right now she was unable to fight. She felt satisfied and very used. A weak smile crept over her face as he picked her up and carried her to the bed. Laying her down and running his hands over her flesh, he went and took a shower then climbed into bed and made love to her for hours before they fell asleep in each other arms.

The next morning the clock ran and they got up. He pinned her against the wall and savagely kissed her. His cock rock hard as he took her, her pussy a bit more ready for his huge cock. She whimpered as an orgasm hit her as his sent him into a wild frenzy slamming deep in her as waves of cum filled her once again. He kissed her again as he got dressed. She whispered they spare key is under the mat. I know he said with a wink and walked out leaving her to get ready for work.



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