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Odds are if you’re a spanko and haven’t been living under a rock of late then you know the name Dana Kane.  If you have been a bit out of the loop though here’s the quick low down.  We first came across her on spanking tube, which somehow led us to Caneiac, which in turn led us to her blog and then her own site/clips store.   She was on our Kinky Christmas list but we figured better early than late. Her site DanaKaneSpanks.com offers a mixture of F/M and F/F spanking videos and role play plus some POV option for those who like the lecture and stare down part of a butt whipping.   There are free videos and she spanks real people.   We don’t mean that spanking models aren’t real people but the assortment, and body types in her videos offer a little something for everyone and not just the stereo typical uber thin 20 year model type in a school girl skirt.  We like variety so she gets an A plus for that one.  From the free vids the sessions don’t look like anyone is playing paddy cake and the spankings are actually real; another bonus assuming of course you like that sort of thing.  We do!  There is nothing worse than thinking a pat on the ass counts as a spanking.  It’s like calling tying your shoes bondage.


The site has a clean design, loads quickly, and is easy to navigate.  In addition to the free spanking videos, you can purchase an assortment of downloadable clips, a few dvds, request a custom video, plus a link to her travel schedule should you want to request a session with her and finally under the meet the models section the ability to be considered to be in one of her videos.

Dana Kane Spanks dot com

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