A Kinkster’s Christmas List 2012 the Apocalypse Edition

Well it’s that time of year again when being naughty might not get you anything good from the fat guy in the crushed red velvet suit at the mall, or the North Pole, or where ever he’s from however you might get you a nice red backside with something new and ouchy from this fat bastard in the back boots.  And if you’re lucky a few other fun things to be extra naughty with.  In short fuck the nice list we’re all about naughty!   After a year of playing, learning, and a collection of new toys here are a few of our favorite finds both from those of us at the site and reader recommendations.  After all what self respecting deviant would head into the end of the world without a toy bag full of new goodies?   Not this one that’s for sure.



Bondage Rope

Aja Rope Limited Edition Multi Colored Hemp  

Navajo Night Multi Color hemp rope from Ajarope.com

So what is Multi Colored Hemp rope…think Tie Dye Hippie meets Scary Dom Type and gets funky in a really great way or it’s kind of like doing a scene to a NiN Grateful Dead mash up. Beautifully odd but works on so many levels. All kidding aside the pictures tell the tale. Keep in mind it’s a limited production item, meaning it takes 2 weeks to finish from the time of order so if you want it in time for the holidays don’t wait. This gives you a chance to add to your favorite Rigger’s (or your own) rope kit something no one else has. Originally it was released locally in St. Louis but is now available by special order. In addition to the various multi color offers there is a lovely ominous pewter/black combo called POD, named after PrinceofDarkness, and a Turquoise & Black Called Navajo Night .

Black Cherry, MIZ, & Forest Cammo Multi Color Hemp rope by Ajarope.com

The price is a steal at $1 a foot with a 30 ft minimum. You can get any of the colors listed above plus several more bright and fun varieties such as Purple People Eater, Tickled Pink, and Tequila Sunrise at the Ajarope.com website. For more details or if you have questions contact Lily the Rope Ho or Aja at admin at ajarope.com. Just remember they typically respond best when you’re not asking for money to be sent to Nigeria & you’re not insulting anyone’s penis size.

One final ropey note. Mal has had some their other rope in his kit for several years now (both hemp and MFP. BTTickled Pink Multi Color Hemp Bondage Rope by Ajarope.comW their MFP is on sale until 12/31/2012). They’re active members of the local community, organize a monthly Rope Social, were responsible for coordinating the GRUE’s that took place in St. Louis. In general he considers them to be just good people and a pleasure to do business with.


Unique Mind Fucks

Paddles and Panties Sweet and Naughty Mouth Soap

Give the term “I’m  going to wash your mouth out with soap” a whole new meaning with this white chocolate bar that looks just like soap.  It can be a fun non-soapy way to role play a scene or if you’re like a few of the tops around here it’s a great way to keep a sassy mouth off balance when the moment of truth arrives.  Will it be real soap or a white chocolate type mind fuck?  Either way it doesn’t mean someone isn’t going to get the butt spanked which takes us to out next topic.


Paddles & Impact toys

Leather – London Tanners remains high on our list as always and we continue to covet their stuff.  This year our picks are Daddy’s Double trouble with its two sided option and the extra heavy tawse.   Then again we’re not exactly the slap and tickle set.


Round Top Daddy Dom and Heavy Black wood spanking paddle by Lord RavenWood – As for wood our very own Lord Raven gets the nod here.  Yes we know it’s almost like nepotism but he’s added a Unfinished Spanking Paddles in Lord Ravens Workshopfew twists to paddle making we think are unique.   Keep in mind all of his paddles are made to order so they take a bit of time depending on demand but are worth the wait.


While he produces wicked little (and not so little) things in a variety of woods (Oak, Hickory, Cherry, and even MDF), Sizes (OTK and non OTK models) and thicknesses (though his personal collection tends to stay on the thuddy side based on Alice’s preferences) there are three “standard” styles one of them is something a little different and features a round impact area that each side provides a different sensation.


Wooden Spanking Paddles by Lord RavenHe also offers custom finishes to make them look like Rattles and Lollipops for the Daddy/Mommy dom and age play types. If you’re interested in LR’s stuff you can drop him a note here or on fet (Lord-Raven).  His official website will be up shortly and be sure to look for him at events in the south east in 2013.


Floggers – The Kink Shop

The Combination Flogger is the hit (no pun intended) with us.  It’s made of a combination of 16 soft tanned deer leather and 8 rubber falls that make the total length 26 inches long.  The most popular feature is the finger tip handles that take a little getting use to the first few times but offers nice fluidity and control once you do. If you get one don’t let Mal play with it if you actually want beat.  Our experience was  he’s more like a twirling moron with martial arts weapons putting on a show than a Dom when we lent him ours.  After a while the novelty wore off and he did get back down to business.


Wax Play

Tender Dom at BDSMwaxplay.com

It’s something that starts and stops with us, mainly because we’re not all pyros (all the time) and well it is messy as hell when it’s an impromptu scene.  Still sometimes there is nothing like the change of pace that wax can offer.   Tender Dom at BDSMwaxplay.com offers a variety of wax and candle types, scents, and jars.  The site also features some really great and creative wax work and some instruction and guidance.   The prices seem more than fair and we like that the candles come not only in a huge selection shapes and colors but also include a lower heat Soy wax option for a small up charge.


Erotic Reading

We’re trying something new here so don’t take it the wrong way. Listed our top 6 book picks for this year and why.  We’ve also inserted a widget to make it easier to go find them.

1)      Cheeky Spanking Stories – Yes most of us are spankos, yes we read a lot of these type of spanking stories, yes we really do dig this book.  It’s nice collection of authors with different styles…plus it has a piece by Jade Melisande in it and well Mal really digs her stuff.

2)      Decorative Fusion Knots – The Chesty Blonde gave the book to Mal.  Since then he’s actually tying things up that doesn’t always involve square knots, half hitches, and double coin knots, and on occasion doesn’t even involve people.   It’s essential reading for those that simply like to tie to tie and like pretty bondage.

3)      Gordon – by Edith Templeton – Long before Mommy porn and 50 shades there was Gordon.  It was the first overtly Kinky (fiction) book he ever gave to the Blonde.  Once upon a time it was banned for being indecent and it the tale of an obsessive and controlling love.  Unlike the modern interpretation that is big this year this one is very well written

4)      Playing Well with Others – because if you have friends that have read 50 shades and think they want to start actually playing give them a little something that helps ground them in the reality of fantasy.

5)      The Count of Monte Cristo – You might ask what this one is doing on the list.  At its core it is in our opinions one of the greatest love stories ever told, it also has an amazingly cruel element of revenge that appeals to our sadists and well some people say if you should always be yourself no matter what unless you can be Batman.  In which case you should always choose Batman.  Well if Mal was to be reincarnated as a fictional literary character it would be the Count.

6)      101 Nights of Grrreat Sex by Laura Corn – It’s out on kindle now but Mal and the Blonde have very fond and hot memories when a couple gave them a copy as a gift years ago.  If you prefer paper it is being republished in hard copy in January and is now available for pre-order.  It’s not just for swinger friends monogamous couples will dig it too.


Fetish Wear/Cos Play

Ribbons and Rivets

This is one of the Frolicon finds from the vendor area and in addition to some of their more out of this world options they also had a series of corsets that were stand outs even with the BDSM crowd.

Corset & Bustier

Corset UK (or Corset-Story in the States)- I know it’s hard to believe but some of us…well some more than others like to play dress up.  In the past year a few of the ladies have added to their lingerie collections with purchases from Corset UK.   Yes we know ordering from across the pond may seem like a frivolous thing but their selection of everything from sexy burlesque wear, to everyday, to waist training and well themes such as Goth and fashion (Someone may have just bought the Chesty Blonde a Black Sweetheart, and Blue Corset with Tutu).  Out hint to doing business with them is to select your country in the Select Store Option prior to beginning to shop.  Not that Mal forgot to do that or anything when he was on the site.


Other fun things – Liberator Concept Store Atlanta Ga

If you read any main stream adult magazine or even things like Maxim and GQ you’ve probably seen the ads for Liberator.   What you may not know is in addition to things like the “Wedge”, “Ramp” and “Hipster” they offer a variety of series, shapes, styles, and even better a concept store in the Atlanta area.   Alice walked in and was ready to ditch her day job to sell their wares.  If you’re into fun and playful sex and happen to have some time to kill in the state that seems obsessed with peaches then it’s worth taking a run by. If not of course you can order online.  (Note Liberator is a public company. It doesn’t make them bad it just makes them different when it comes to being on this list. Typically we feature small business run by local or community people)


Electricity & Violent Wand

This is a new category for us but it probably won’t be the last time since its become a popular form of play for a few of us.   This years pick goes to the violent want and grounding ring  (which gives the giver and the receiver similar sensations) from Orchid and Serpent. Depending on how you play and how the frequency is set the sensations can range from mild to intense and the visual effect, assuming you’re not wearing a blind fold that is, only adds another dimension of stimulation.  Bruising may or may not occur if you drive your shoulders into the steel bar of the sex chair your suspended in when cumming with one  but that’s your fault not the wands since you couldn’t just sit still and take it.

Piercing ShopPiercing Experience –  Alice and Lord Raven are both customers of their and have great experiences with them both buying goodies as well as getting a few new piercings.   Nipples did someone say nipples? And did I hear clit ring and a PA?  Anyhow.  If you’re not in the Atlanta Area you can still take advantage of their great selection by ordering through the website.


Tats and Ink

Big Easy Tattoo.   Yes it’s way the fuck out in the sticks if you’re a city guy but still it is the place you’ll find both Mal and Diva in January getting new ink.   Nothing says a completely modern nontraditional family like Father & Actual Daughter tat time.   We were referred there by some very inked friends, we like them they’ve been cool to us during the entire process of getting the designs done (no pressure, very laid back, old school shop vibe) and have lots of friends with their work.


Finally to round this year out our suggestion for the DIY option. Ultra Simple Yet Beautiful Spanking Strap by Brand on Fetlife. Beyond those instructions here’s what not to do.

So it’s a Saturday afternoon and a deviant walks into a leather shop, but it’s not the type of leather shop you might expect the kind with pants and whips and all sorts of premade S&M things run by other deviants and littered with perverted customers.  OH no it’s the type that sells raw materials to make things out of leather.  What could make a typically shy and I know enough to stay away from the soccer mom types go on such an adventure?  The Perfectly Simple Spanking Strap plans from a few years back that he saw on Fet and finally decided he wanted to make.

Our advice is as follows

1)      Do a little (more) homework (than Mal did) before going to Tandy or where ever else you might procure such things. Knowledge is power and as GI Joe said knowing is half the battle.

2)      Don’t get freaked out by the how to make a Indian costume patterns on the wall and the ornate saddle project hanging from the ceiling.  Just breath deep and remind yourself they’re not why you’re there but they have a right to exist too.

3)      And finally don’t panic and yell out “are there any other kinky people here”  when looking for help explaining to the very knowledgeable woman working what you are intending to make.


And Finally the disclaimer;

We assume you know the safe, sane and consensual bit so we’ll spare you the lecture.  This post happens every year and we truly pick what we like and think would make good gifts for the kinky set based on our experiences and feed back from friends.  Assuming the Mayans were wrong we’ll do it again next year. 

This site is not about selling stuff and making commissions because we tell you something gets our rocks off.  There are plenty of sites that do that and it’s cool but its just not us.  This is about what we love, sometimes who we love or lust after, and how we live.  With the exception of Lord Raven who does financially benefit from the sale of his wares (someone has to keep Alice in corsets and heels)  we’re not “affiliates” with these kinky folks in anyway and don’t make a dime.  The snazzy book widget is an affiliate link from Amazon. We don’t care if you use it we just thought it was neat and if we do happen to make any money from it all of the proceeds will be donated to support the Pride events in St Louis in 2013.   

This year Lily over at Aja Rope was very kind and gifted Mal a wonderful piece multicolored hemp rope.  He felt conflicted about it but she was at the top of our list anyway so we accepted and are very grateful and appreciative of the gift.   The Chesty Blonde has declared that she’s not sharing it with other bottoms (You know sometimes she has jealousy issues but we love her anyway). 


We hope you like what we’ve chosen.   Other suggestions are always welcome. If you happen to make or sell kinky items please contact Mal on gmail, twitter, or fet.  Starting in 2013 we will be running a monthly feature on making and caring for toys.  We’re not going to try to sell you advertising or anything else and we don’t expect free stuff.   Its intended to educate and entertain our readers and is just a chance to be featured in a post for sharing your knowledge and passion.


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