Rope, Coffee, Conversation, and Just Maybe Playing my Top Card

Hot Pink and Neon green bondage ropeRope, Coffee, Conversation, and Just Maybe Playing my Top Card

For months (or longer) I’ve been meaning to get out to a few of the local rope themed events.  The truth is for as much as I bitch about St. Louis over all there does seems to be a decent amount of kinky things to do for bondage types.  This past weekend the stars aligned (no nilla house guests, no games, concerts, or recitals etc) and I actually made it to the local Rope Bite group meeting.  I’d met the gent that hosts it in passing a few years earlier and figured what the hell why not be one of the new folks at the munch.   The Chesty Blonde actually asked why I didn’t invite her to go.  The answer was simple “I always ask you to go to events, you always say no.  You’re welcome to come to anything I go to but I’m done asking”.  She wasn’t sure how to take this but let sleeping dogs lie.

At the meeting I met several new folks but as is usually the case with me and new people I watched more than I spoke and I remained reserved.   The age group was very diverse and everyone was great. While I’ve been to different munches before there is often the hang up in my own mind if nowhere else that my relationships and I don’t fit anyone’s definition of “lifestyle”.   In this case I actually got past that and truly enjoyed myself.  In part the setting put me at ease.   If I ran into someone I knew from another part of my life at Tipsy McStaggers is one thing.  Potentially running them in to them at a sex positive coffee shop means neither of us could throw stones later.  Instead of being denounced as a deviant (which in many ways I am) at the next PTA meeting it would be “Oh you were there for the book on fisting. Cool!  I was there for a thing on bondage. Have you tried the iced mocha? ”

A singular focused topic helped too.  I’ve never claimed to be good at rope but have played, read, and watched it often enough that I’m comfortable with the subject.   (As I wrote this the realization hit I’ve been using some type of bondage (hand cuffs, rope, etc) for sex for 25 years now.)  Mostly I just nodded along but I learned a few things which made the geek in me happy, asked a question, and actually answered one for a buddy next to me. The outcome…adding a rescue hook to the kit in addition to the scissors and trying Jute; yep that’s a shocker I went to a meeting about rope and came out wanting new rope.

What about the Top Card you wonder?  Well the topic of different types of bondage came up and inescapable bondage was one of them. Since I have a few escape artists in my life a potential class on the topic drew my attention.  I hate nothing more than when I’m doing something for art’s sake and someone just can’t wait to wiggle out of it. And go “Ha bondage my ass”.  Being more proficient at rope bondage retribution has an appeal.   I may be taking applications (or flying in a friend) to bottom at the class.  Large events as enticing as they look still seem like to much of a stretch but smaller local ones seem like a possibility that might just work out.

On the way home I contemplated how I wish the Blonde would have joined me, how much fun I had just being there, how great it would have been if Raven and Alice were there too. Then I started to think through my schedule and figure out if I could make any of the outings in the coming week and the same meeting next month.


Postlude; I was at lunch the yesterday day with the Blonde and Diva and the topic of the meeting came up. I mentioned how laid back it was, how it was so well attended that they had to get out more chairs and reconfigure how everyone sat.   Diva in her usual manner asked what type of coffee I had and which part of the shop we sat in. Her mother just squirmed, shot me a look, and changed the subject.  So far Diva doesn’t seem to have any of her parent’s hangs ups which is fantastic.

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