Malflic Lives – the Summer 2012 Death March in review (abridged)

Malflic Summer 2012 Death March GraphicThis post is as much a way to clear my head as it is to share my adventures at a cursory level.   In short over the past 21 days I’ve slept in my own bed only 3 nights and with the Chesty Blonde 5 nights.   Most of it was taxing and stressful with a mix of professional obligations that then fell right into line with my annual week in my home town; which means I went from a world filled with black cars and top flight hotels to an over packed monster of an SUV and an extended stay hotel.  Along the way I was a grumpy bastard much of the time as I tried to not work, see my parents, accommodate time with 30 years worth of old friendships, and keep all three of the women in my life semi sane.  There were the moments that made it all worth of it.  Some of them PG rated as I watched Lil my 13 years old have her break out year in terms of riding and relationships at an amusement park or Diva my 18 year old visit her friends from our old life back east.  Others were XXX as I volunteered to be the designated driver for the party girls night out for the Chesty Blonde and her old friends.  I found myself in strange conversations and even stranger scenes with some of my oldest friends.    The good news is I’m back and have a heavy schedule of non PG things planned in the coming weeks and you’ll get to benefit from some of my other activities in blog posts over the next few weeks.


Here’s just a tease


The Escape Artist ( a look at what happens when a knot challenged rope enthusiast more or less role plays as Snidely Whiplash)

The Strangest Scene (No description but it was just fucked up. I’m still processing it and it comes with a disclaimer it was that weird)

Other People’s Joy (The account of what happened when a companion found what she was looking for)

My Big Fucked Up Kind of Poly Family

A Woodland Fairy, The Devil on her Heels, and some intelligent conversation (a PG event but an unexpected bright spot late in the journey)

A Kinky conversation with a very Vanilla Friend about erotic books

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