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Disclaimer: Before this begins I’d like to thank Jade for allowing me borrow her term for this post.  Neither she or her Mean Guy were in anyway involved in my activities although without her relationship and writing I’d have never seen myself in this exact light.

–          Mal


Do I look Bothered by Jan Murphy Photo from Deviant ArtSo there I am literally in the middle of a relatively intense scene, a lovely woman who was well tied, and well tortured much to her blissed out delight by that point was squirming deliciously just inches from me as we kept her on the edge of orgasm for a cruelly elongated period of time while continuing the torment.  Somewhere between deciding whether to pick up a cane or crop and what part to beat (again) next for some uncanny reason I thought of Pieces of Jade and her blogs. Then the thought hit me “Holy fuck I’m the Mean Guy”.

I openly admit to being a sadist but by no means consider myself to be an edge player or at all hardcore.  Sure I love to play rough and at times I like to push limits but thinking of myself as the mean guy out of the two of us that were topping caused me to stop and take note.   I may be wrong, it may have just been my perception, who knows.   I’m not much for titles and actually have a hang up on not having one still the term struck me. It wasn’t the first time I dual topped a scene but wasn’t  the first time it hit me I was the one driving the action in more ways than one. It was the first time I stopped to think I was the crueler of the two at that moment in time.  It seemed to be a label that fit.

In this case I watched her Dom’s face for additional clues beyond her reactions as to was I getting her where she wanted to be or perhaps taking her too close to her limit. Even as I was wresting with my new found self image as the Mean One in the situation it was awesome to have another person there that was an additional checkpoint for guiding my cruelty.  After all making sure you hurt people in the way they want is really what it’s all about.  (Damn that looks weird written out but if you’re reading this you should get it).  The scene continued to progress and the room ultimately looked like a fetish super store exploded with rope, whips, floggers, paddles, and belts everywhere.  Vibes were tucked strategically in the ropes and set to obliterate as I showed my co top a few of my favorite wicked little games and he still denied her a release.  Later somewhere during pulling hair and cropping the bound set of tits I stepped back to watch for a while.  Then I rejoined working the ropes a little tighter, adding a few short ropes to increase the pleasure and or misery (I give credit where credit is due short ropes are literally a trick I picked up from Jade’s Mean Guy at a GRUE demo a few years back).


As that scene wound down a little while later I went into pure top mode as I tied her again which culminated in a hog tied sub that took a hard good old fashion spanking with each of us torching one side of her ass even more.  The night ended with her across my lap taking her 4th spanking of the night in addition to all the other play.  Selfishly this one was all about me as I made her back arch, found the most tender spots and went after them… perhaps repeatedly.

Afterward we talked about the fact we could have played harder, but why risk running something that was working for all involved.  I could have taken things somewhere much darker, but didn’t need or want to.  Hell I was just having fun which is why we do this stuff after all isn’t it?  Most importantly days later upon reflection I’ve come to grips that maybe just maybe with certain people and in certain situations I’m the Mean Guy and do you know what?   After pondering what that might say about me and my relationships I’m still perfectly Ok with whatever I am whether it’s cruel or kind. Besides we’re already looking forward and planning the next time. I got to admire some of my handiwork in a picture taken 24 hours after the scenes ended and despite the marks, lingering redness, and bruising was told she loved every second of it.  Just as I was assuming I was the perfect amount of mean after all she told me “but it doesn’t hurt that much today and I can still bounce on the spots in a wooden chair.”  I replied “Guess I’ll have to beat you harder and longer next time”  She more or less just giggled and told me that was a great idea.   All in all some days it’s good to be the mean guy.

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  • Alice King

    Hmmmm sounds like the lucky Lady had a good time. 2 sadists working together sounds oh so yummy =)

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