Back in the saddle…. 4

ok ok so I have been silent for a while. What can I say… has been changing so rapidly since Easter weekend that I have not taken the time to sit and put anything into writing. That will be changing though in the coming days.

So what happened that Easter weekend is such a highlight? Well it can be summed up in one word…..Frolicon! For those who do not know what that means. Well lets just say for me it held more importance than any religious experience related to the bunny ever could. Though the Furries I saw there were quite amazing. Especially the wolf with the wonderful nose!

OOPS….sorry got off topic there. More to cum on Frolican in another write. For now know that weekend was the starting point of major changes in my world that have had me flying on cloud 9 ever since. In all honestly things are better than I have ever wished they could be and with each passing day only get better.

Due to those changes though I have left Malflic hanging as my writing and input here came to a dead stop. Owe him big time for his understanding. He knows all so well how I go silent at times yet never disappear.

Some things in the works are a write on Frolicon….hell that might be multiple writes, a “He Said She Said” series on sensation play, as well as some pieces in regards to my Dom and favorite Top in my life. No they are not one in the same though I am tempted to call the second “Daddy” for some odd reason.

Well back to my other writes……catcha all soon.

~Alice King~2012~



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Alice has been often called an enigma. With life ever changing and evolving so have her creative outlets. She lives in the Atlanta area and is considered a "damn Yankee" having been born and raised in the north east. She is an RN by trade, a Mother of 2 and the wife of Lord Raven. This tattooed Princess is the site's very own Alpha Sub often wields brazen dares toward her Tops yet leans toward switch on occasion.

4 thoughts on “Back in the saddle….

    • Alice King Post author

      Thank you hon. Has been a long time coming however oh so worth the wait

  • Don

    Hey Girl, looking forward to them. You know i’m happy for You, You do deserve it.

    About the Furries. i was once dressed in a squirrel suit on a stakeout (don’t ask OK, just don’t ask – i might have to tell ya) and was attacked by a lady who had a kink for Furries…

  • Alice King Post author

    =) thanks hon. been wondering when I would hear from you.

    You know damn good and well you now have to tell me about that squirrel!!!!

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