A New Flavor of Kink on Malflic as I Extend a Belated Welcome to Lord Raven 1

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Insert your typical over hyped dramatic baritone voice while reading this.

Once upon a time, in a public dungeon far, far away but not too far and not quite in East Butt Fuck Jersey but awfully close to such a place there was an inter galactic show down next to the St Andrews cross sent to the American kink community in 969 AD for safe keeping by the Scottish king Leatherband in order to see who was the domliest, dom who ever was domly…or something like that. The battled raged on for millenniums or at least 2 or three consecutive scenes and then…Dropping the stupid announcer voice (unless of course you get off on that kind of thing) OK I’m done being a sci fi geek back to the point at hand.

Sexy Storm Trooper Please join me in welcoming Lord Raven to the site as a regular contributor. LR comes from a diverse kink back ground and took a somewhat more traditional route than many of us myself included into the kink community.  He began as a member of a house and transitioned both his interests and role over time.  LR offers you his skills as a talented writer but also  brings new kink based  interests and style of play to Malflic.com that are quite varied from my own.   I hope our readers will enjoy, learn from, and if the itch needs scratched maybe even try some new things. Some of LR’s proclivities include blade play, fire, needles, wresting, and of course the nearly requisite S&M trinity of flogging, whipping, and bondage.  He currently has one collared Submissive (Yeah I capitalized submissive, Yes I caught it in the proofing stage but thought it would be fun to leave with a capital S for all the grammar fetish types have something to freak out over a little)


His first piece So You Want to Know What it Is to be a Dom or At Least My Version of a Dom can already be found on the site and shortly his own featured category will be added to the home page.  I expect he’ll also be contributing from time to time to the He Said, She Said Series and the Wild Life categories.  In exchange he promised not to out me to the leather police and let me keep my pants despite a somewhat irreverent approach to the life style.  All Kidding aside We’re flattered to have him and hope you love his work.

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  • rollo

    Welcome indeed, to my dear brother Raven. I’m very sure that His contributions here will tickle our senses and more.

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