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I had so much fun walking down memory lane a several weeks back that I decided to make this a Semi regular feature and let the world know what me and some of my partners in crime have been perving this week.  Note I didn’t claim they were all posted this week but it’s just what we’re reading.  If you’ve found something great, written something you want us to take a look at or are just a shameless attention whore feel free to share it with us.


Mal’s Picks

First on my list is the just fucking hot Dear Diary by the lovely Red Hot Georgia over at Fit to be Tied.   After a brief hiatus the site is back and as good as ever.  This time around it’s a bit more from her perspective which is super sexy.

Then a pair of musical interludes by Dan from Two Knotty Boys fame has a new musical venture called Titians that’s been fueling my personal sound track for the past week or so.  I dig the tunes so go check them out.  Remember it’s only music so you can even talk about it with your nilla friends unlike the picture of that CBT tie you did last weekend at the social. Also be sure to check out the very cool website of his http://spiritofthestaircase.com/

 Pure Erotica Debbie’s Dirty Little Diary has a recent post about a secretary her new boss and a good in the office get to know you romp.  The male is a bit toppy but in general it’s a fun little piece that is more good fucking with rules than kink.  A few hot pics also help spice things up.


This Week’s Very Dirty Girl (Female penned works only)

I can’t believe I just found the Between My Sheets Blog.   Your very dirty girl story “Lazy Sundays” that includes some great dirty talk between the characters in a very re-creatable scene for any couple.  A lot of erotica doesn’t translate easily to real life; Rori’s post is a great exception of wonderful simplicity and nice erotic heat that does and could.


Starting a business is hard (trust me been there, done that, got the fucking T shirt), transitioning from a performer to the person making it all happen has to be tough in any industry.  So with that take few minutes to check out Pandora Blake and her new site Dreams of Spanking.  After all there are very few people that I’m aware of who are putting such artistry and elaborate scenes when making spanking porn.   It’s a rather nice change of pace. Perv the previews she’s scattered around the web and sign up if so inclined. (BTW this is not a paid endorsement it’s just one Entrepreneur Spanko who likes another’s work)

High School Paddling – I found this one on Chross and the post itself is a bit older. Who knows if it’s real of if it’s fiction but in a way that is part of the charm this time around.

Swinging – The Swinger’s Attic put out a piece under their Newbies section called “Wanting to know more”  that touches on kissing, bi sexuality, and bad swing experiences in the past tied to lack of communication.




This weekend Mal will actually be venturing our locally (ok don’t fall out of your chair and hurt yourself) as part of a multi-stage deviant boys night out to see local sex blogger and burlesque performer extraordinaire Charlotte Sumtimes at her Burlesque and drag review at Attitudes located at 4100 Manchester in St Louis.  Doors open at 9 the show start at 10. Look for his commentary in next week’s the Wild Life column.

Next Weekend Frolicon in their words “is an adult science fiction convention held every Easter Weekend (April 5-8, 2012), in Atlanta, GA, with an average attendance of over 1500. For four days, Frolicon brings the best in adult education, adult alternative entertainment, and fun and science fiction frolic. Please consider sponsoring one of the country’s premier alternative conventions.”   We’ll tell you in Alice’s words what it’s like when it’s over.




Disclaimer: The folks we mention are writers, producers, artists, or friends we’ve happened upon, like, and every so often actually know.   You can’t pay to be included in other people’s kink but we’ve got a better deal for you.  You can ask and if we like your stuff it will be featured in a future edition. No promises but if we dig it your in.

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