Note – Yes I actually wrote a small piece of erotica again.  Don’t fall over and hurt yourself. 


Suffering comes in so many deliciously erotic ways.  Sure there is the obvious; the physical.  It tends to be where the mind goes most often when a person discusses submission and the suffering of another all in the name of that ever elusive pleasure.   It is the sensation.  The sting or thud of the toy that you get beat with, the pinch and burn of the clamps, the ungodly positions that you are contorted into as you struggle against the restraints, your body is stretched to its limits, as you are fucked savagely in a lust fueled exchange.

While I would be a lair to say that I do not enjoy inflicting all of the above and many other types of misery on all too willing partners perhaps my favorite way to make another twisted souls suffer is the cruelest of all.

True genuine fear does little for me, but your sense of dread combined with an insufferable amount of anticipation holds so many delicious possibilities for me to exploit.   My glance dripping with cruel intentions, a wicked grin, and a few placed words can do more to your mind than I could ever hope to do to your body.  Engage the mind and you can torment the body and twist the soul for your own pleasure.

After you’ve been forced to wait, running through what you expect to happen.  Your imagination starts to build on itself. Knowing that you will be taken to a dark place; the emotions and sensations overwhelm you as you imagine what lies ahead.  Each instance more dreaded than the last.  Finally the unknown is always worse than the expected you think to yourself as you slow strip naked before me.  The room feels so cold against your flushed skin.  Standing there exposed and nervous the silence is maddening as you wait for me to speak.

Looking into your eyes I can see the anticipation is still building, until finally I ask.  “What do you expect me to do to you?”   You fidget nervously deciding whether to mislead me as to your thoughts or to tell me what it is you’ve been imagining.   Fearing my reprisal if you deceive me you share every lurid thought about what might occur when these moment came.  I smile knowingly and then cruelty takes over.

Wicked intentions fill my eyes, a devilish grin reveals my teeth and your heart racing quickens my own pulse.  I tell you “Why that’s wonderful now I want you to ask me for everything you just described to me as we proceed.  You have decided what it is you get but I will decide how much.  So I’ll tell you when it is time for the next thing to ask me for.”   I watch you start to sweat just knowing that you have to ask me to do each and every one of those dark and very dirty things to your sexy little body.   My grin turns to a smile and evil laugh. Oh how I love to watch you suffer.

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