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A faux Leather Babydoll is today’s selection kicking off yet another Fetish Friday (check back later for the fetish friday post.  This time around it will be a humorous look at the age old which came first the chicken or the egg theory but this time around a humorous look back at was it heavy metal music that made me kinky or did I like heavy metal because I was kinky.  Who knows ? As for the pics this morning faux leather lingerie is where it started for so many of my friends because after all you buys it at the mall, its was more affordable, might have just started as a little fantasy role play.

Well that and in the pre internet days to buy anything leather in most cities you had to head to a biker shop, and edgy lingerie store (my store of choice was Lady Godiva in Penn Hills outside of Pittsburgh)

Hope to see you back here later today.


Babydoll And Panty Set - Seductress faux leather babydoll set (L)

Babydoll And Panty Set – Seductress faux leather babydoll set (L)

A Few Bonus Pics as I reminisce (yes you can click the pic for pricing and details)

Bustier, Bustier, Panty And Garters Set - Seductress faux leather bustier set (S)

Camisole set - Chiffon and faux leather cami set (M)

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