Sexy Lingerie Picture of the Day v1.2.5

So yesterday I get a call asking what the theme for this week is is pretty or school girl? Well ladies and gentlemen the theme is whatever the Blonde and I think is sexy . All kidding aside we didn’t plan a theme for the pictures this week so it’s going to be a mixture of looks and styles. Maybe next week we”ll go back to a theme for the picture of the day, then again maybe not.In this case its time to get our Lola on.

Not sure what I mean by saying its time to get our Lola on?  Well its a funny story years ago I had a friend and their house keeper was always in some animal print.  I don’t know it was just her thing and she was well past cougar if you know what I mean.  AS fate would have it her name was literally Lola.  Guess it was just a style choice that out lasted her youth.  Anyhow  when ever we would be out cavorting and would see a person in oh i don’t know say cheetah print, or tiger stripes no matter whether she was a hot young thing or your great grand grand mother my friend would purr and say Lola.  Hence getting our Lola on.  well all in all I’d like to make the woman in the corset purr…Mal!

BTW happy Fetish Friday!  Hope your weekend plans are shaping up to be wild and wicked.  Check back later today for the Fetish Friday Picture.

Well not sure where the leopard print corset went but here’s a non-animal print substitute hey hour glass shape, big boobs, and blonde hair isn’t all bad.  That she look pretty cougarish to me so it kind of sticks with the animal theme




Smokin Hot Corset

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