Sexy Lingerie Picture of the Day v1.2.3

Well I saw a back to School add already and while I’m only in to school girls who are over 21 (or in most cases 26 or 27 since I have this funky not under 25 rule most of the time) Anyhow this reminds me of an old friend name Laura who would do this with her uniform top after school on occasion. Hey I dig short pleated skirts on women because they were what I was surrounded by in m youth. For those of you who are newer to my site Laura has a huge influence on my life since she was always wearing short short skirts, scuffed up fuck me pumps, she was 2 years older than me and drove a bright orange classic chevy hot rod. Maybe she’ll be the topic of a longer post in the near future. Until then.


Short Sleeve Blouse

Oh wait Bonus picture


Tie Front Blouse with Skirt

Seriously make it Gray plaid not red and only a hair longer (the nuns hated her more than my mother which only added the allure),  big firm amazing C cups and a walk that I’ll remember to my dying day and you have ever mother’s nightmare and the cool older girl who dug me in high school. Now off to crank a little Nickelback “she had the school girl skirt on the top of the pile!”

Might be a little role play in my evening plans…any takers?


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