Old Playmates, Lovers, and Jealousy 1

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So if nothing else life is Ironic.  I’m reading the latest issue of Playboy to the Chesty Blonde and there is a fact about old acquaintances reconnecting through Facebook creating “romantic turmoil”.  It’s a topic I’ve touched on in the past.  Then I log on to my personal FB account and there it is starting me right in the face…another name from my past.

It’s funny that on my lifestyle accounts I can have anyone in the world and the Blonde doesn’t flinch Porn Stars No Problem, Old Lovers and Playmates…again no issues.   Nude’s and graphic videos and pics of people I know being very, very dirty…all the better.   People I did or do absolutely obscene things to in the name of expressing my sexual drive no worries.  She doesn’t break a sweat.  She knows that there is the part of me that needs that sort of outlet for my own satisfaction after all whether its showing or not I am a carnal person most of the time.  Enter the other page…after all even I need to keep my lifestyle hidden from most coworkers, parents (remember my mother calls me a pornographer), great Aunt Mille and the like.  It’s sort of my own don’t ask don’t tell policy…don’t ask about what I do and I won’t tell you but if you ask well then all bets are off.

The funny part is most of my adult world knows me and has for 25+ years as Malflic.  One would think when wanting to find me that is where they would look but apparently my birth name is far too tempting.  Here’s what I’ve learned in the past few months about folks that don’t fit that group of old lovers and playmates or a few who treat the past as the past.

1)      A girl you went out with in high school as an underclassman for 2 months may seem harmless but she is far more dangerous than the slut you tied up last week sending pictures of her latest aerial session with disco balls hanging from her nipple rings.   OK so they were Christmas ornaments but I still think they look like disco balls. Lock up your husband and watch out for the Nilla’s.

2)      The now intensely Christian mother of her own large brood of bible toting types who happens to be a reformed slut I did in a group setting on a pool table 22 years ago sends me a note.  I accept the request btw her profile picture was taken in the front of a church.   She is probably just a Jezebel lying in wait for the next aloof deviant to come along. Tired of the holy life with a seemingly nice conservative looking man.  I see the threat.  OK not really.  Let’s do the math no matter what you call me I am not religious.  Still I heard about it.  In this case I’m not surprised which profile she chose.

3)      When talking about an email from an old acquaintance your first statement apparently shouldn’t be she use to have a fucking slamming body…and the follow up also should be well damn she still does.  Funny the Blonde was surprised I remember the woman for her body.  I wasn’t she wasn’t a classic beauty she was fucking hot!  Still I suppose I should react a little differently but when I can show her a pic from a current friend or nudie mag it’s all fine.  My honesty is part of the dynamic of our relationship.  Sure the lifestyle one would have fit except she has no clue about my lifestyle.  Score one more for Birth name.

4)      Having a friend who has spent the last 20 years working in the Porn industry is fine. On that front some things never change. He used my non lifestyle FB but then again he was also using his birth name and not the one he does business under.  Makes sense to me.

So I’ve started telling her upfront when I hear from a person who has been 10 or 20 years removed from my life shows back up.  Everyone has boundaries and this seems to be one that I never expected.  So when a woman who she probably should be worried about her intentions pops up.  She reminds me “she owes you a picture of her new tits.”  Maybe it was because she knew her and we all use to hang out and party some.  Maybe because she was a person the Blonde knew the history of and that we had been “friends” long before the Blonde ever entered the picture.  Maybe because years ago I had in some way made it clear that that particular relationship and person was not one I’d forgo.  Maybe it’s because in her own twisted way the woman in question was a lifestyle person.

So it’s yesterday afternoon.  I ‘m not doing much as I lay in front of the TV watching The Incredibles on DVD and I begin surfing.   I log into fetlife and pine over missing Shibaricon but it was cool to visit with family over the weekend. I checked Email and twitter for the first time in days.   I showed the video at the top of the page to TCB and tell her how hot I thought it was.  She tells me I’m a geek and she still prefers the Idiot Mitten video.  Then absentmindedly I logged onto FB while being told I do not “need to buy 8mm rope”.  I’m surfing my own little wave in my own little world,  babbling about needing leathers and still not finding new boots.   Then randomly I log in under my birth name.  There is was an email from a stunningly beautiful woman who I had not laid eyes on in 25 years when were just kids. I mention it to the Blonde. She just looks at me and asks “any history there”.

Now this is where I’m faced with a choice of how to answer.  I smiled and said “well a little bit we used to play together and she was one of the first people I tied up.”  The Blonde pondered my response offering “I knew you started young but didn’t realize it was that young”  I just laughed like the devil and grinned the widest wicked grin.   The Blonde can be a very jealous girl when she doesn’t know about something and I could see that streak rising in her.  So being the sadist that I am I let it sink in as I typed a little note back to my long lost friend.  Finally letting her curiosity  get the better of her she asked if I knew from the email what she was into these days.   “No clue considering we were playing army when I tied her up.”  She looked at me “Army? You were doing an army role play?”  Still laughing  “No I wasn’t doing a role play I was playing we were 8 maybe 10 there was nothing more to it than the fact I caught someone on the other team.”

And just when my lover looked a little relieved I added “but I can’t help but wonder what she’d look like all tied up today” Did I ever mention my cruel sense of humor?

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  • Wild Child

    You have a cruel sense of humor?! Never would have noticed if had not spelled it out. Not like I do anything similar?

    All this talk about facebook……lol

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