Daily Archives: June 1, 2010

It’s funny that on my lifestyle accounts I can have anyone in the world and the Blonde doesn’t flinch Porn Stars No Problem, Old Lovers and Playmates…again no issues. Nude’s and graphic videos and pics of people I know being very, very dirty…all the better. People I did or do absolutely obscene things to in the name of expressing my sexual drive no worries. She doesn’t break a sweat. She knows that there is the part of me that needs that sort of outlet for my own satisfaction after all whether its showing or not I am a carnal person most of the time. Enter the other page…after all even I need to keep my lifestyle hidden from most coworkers, parents (remember my mother calls me a pornographer), great Aunt Mille and the like. It’s sort of my own don’t ask don’t tell policy…don’t ask about what I do and I won’t tell you but if you ask well then all bets are off.

Old Playmates, Lovers, and Jealousy