Tempting Fate Part 4 (Fetish)

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So here it is a long journey and build up of our story finally pays off. You can read the first three parts if you missed them.

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Or join the story already in progress.

I don’t remember Sir” Ann said correcting herself almost expecting another stinging smack on her backside. Instead she was greeted with cruel laughter from him and mischievous giggles from the two thigh high boot and corset wearing sultry temptresses who had stripped her naked and tied her in place.

For the first time she tried those restraints, pulling against them slightly, testing her tethers. The strands of hemp that adorned her wrists tightened, she could feel the lines they were making on her delicate skin as she pulled ever so slightly. Her surrender had began as she looked out at a filled room that was watching even more intently than before. The sound of his had smacking her ass so soundly drew their attention, signaled the start they had all been anticipating, waiting for, and hoping to see with voyeuristic intensity in the past few fleeting moments.

As the laughter faded he leaned forward his face brushing against her pony tail ad his lips reached her ear. “Here’s a little clue” his voice soft, deep and breathy “oh you’ve never taken me close to my limit” he paused, her mind raced and she remember all too well telling him that on more than one occasion. Its not that she was complaining but simply her own way of stating the fact that his tastes were mild compared to what she was capable of enjoying.

I guess we’ll see about that” and with that he stepped back the women stepped forward caressing her chest, touching teasing, and pinching her stomach working their way skillfully across her rib cage to her full round breasts. Grazing her nipples, a squeeze a touch a gentle pinch. She savored every sensation she had never been at the whim of two women before but this was certainly she could get use to.

The crowd still looked on and the only edge Sir was leading her toward was a wonderful body shaking orgasm off somewhere in the distance. She shifted slightly toward the woman on the right, moaning lustfully tugging against the ropes that etched into her skin a little more with each tug, and held her a little tighter in its caress with each shift, movement and pull. Her helplessness, the restraint, the inability to control the situation aroused her even more as the hands groping, touching, pinching and caresses continued. Again Ann looked out into the room and drank in all the people who were gazing at her, drinking in the divine and erotic vision of her before them.

Are you enjoying yourself?” Sir’s voice slipped into her ear like a thief in the night. She murmured in sheer delight, “mmmm, Yes sir I certainly am”

Good” he whispered before stepping back and announcing to the room “its time for the real fun to begin.” A deafening chorus of howls erupted and the room closed in on them people pressing toward them.

The soft caresses and sensual touching had given way to each of the temptresses cruel hard long pinch of her nipples. The crushing sensation coursed through her breasts. As one let go the other stepped in front of her taking the free nipple in her other hand, looked her in the eye. “Now its time to suffer bitch.”

Ann played along “yes Mistress” not looking away. Her temptress didn’t waver “good because we’re going to start by whipping those pretty little tits of yours.” So far it was ll new, the being put on public display, having Sir share her with not one but two beautiful and dominate women. While a little chest play, some nice long hard pinches and the occasional set of clamps was nothing new having them flogged was virgin territory.

She felt her hair being pulled back, Sir laughed “keep your head up” he said pulling harder. The first approached and the flogger kissed her skin gently as the other landed a slightly crisper blow. They pair alternated strikes and she watched able to see the start of each stroke but had to guess as to which side it would land on and how hard it would be.

The Dominatrices reveled in their task increasing the speed and intensity taking her from pink to red to well marked. Ann went from a state of bliss with a tempting orgasm drawing closer to having her chest throughly punished, still she enjoyed it and settled in to the rhythm of the event, saving each and every stinging fall, stealing glances at the on lookers and their growing state of interest as the drew even closer.

A lull, a pause, a brief reprieve as Sir let go of her hair he scalp stung and she looked down to see her beautifully colored chest. “No where near my limit” she thought to herself, thinking of pointing out that very fact as a pair of hands grabbed each nipple firmly with a touch that lingered between the sheer delight of earlier with just touch of pain. She was even more turned on as they were lifted by the nipple…this was a favorite of hers and Sir new it. The the other woman joined back in vigorously whipping the untouched delicate underside of her breasts with a small latex flogger. And its short biting tails.

The stokes would explore her stomach, the inside of her thighs, and then back to her tits until she danced in place pulling against her ropes in earnest for the first time. A crop was added in to the mix, a crisp smack on the tits, a squeeze that intensified. To the thighs and back again until she danced in the pain, pulling on her restrains and purring along with the wicked little game she was playing.

There is only one rule” his voice again sneaking up behind her. Ann purred at him in her sultriest voice “and what is that rule sir?”

He laughed again in that cruel tone from earlier a tone she had never heard before “Don’t come or we start all over again” She scoffed in her mind, she was a woman who had been around the block more than a few times and even though was a new side street in her sexual history but she was not some foolish little school boy who couldn’t help himself.

Four more women ascended the stairs joining them on the stage, each giving her a pinch or a smack and in some cases both as they passed. “The more the merrier” Ann thought, not knowing what was coming next but fairly certain based on the crowd around her it wasn’t going to involve a single tail.

Now seven people lurked behind her, she focused on the shuffling and the whispers. She could hear the occasional giggle and once again the room erupted. The two women that had whipped her took her breasts in their mouths tongues caressing her nipples, biting playfully as they hardened, unlike their hands each one used their mouths on her in their own unique way. The way she imagined they liked to be touched and kissed.

The crowd erupted and all but took the stage as they became a lustful huddled mass undulating in a bizarre obsessive rhythm. She swayed with them, the yelled and she called out in delight as more hands found their way onto her legs, hips and back. One mouth broke its hungry feast and then in an instant that warm, soft, delicious, mouth gave way to a cold metal nipple clamp. As the pain coursed through her veins mixing with the other pleasure the other side was attended to in the same manner, the warm biting nibble gave way to a cold unwavering clamp. The clamps were tapped and wiggled, tightened and smacked all the while the others explored her body with caresses and slaps. Clothes pins lined her thighs. She her back was whipped with a light flogger by all of the women. She pulled on the ropes, she hung in the balance between being suspended and standing, dizzied by everything that was happening to her. The hands slowly subsided, the crowd before Ann still looked on with as much interest as they had before.

Remember the rule” The taller of the two original dominatrix, Smack a riding crop landed between her legs firmly. A few of the clothes pins were removed and then another with the crop on her pussy, and another continuing until her splotched red skin was free from the waist down.

Her back was flogged again as her pussy continued to be whipped, she felt the orgasm rising, she fought to hold it on to hold back with each measured and well placed stroke. Finally her nipple clamps were removed which was almost enough change in sensation to cause her to break the rule. She bit her lip, she though about anything but what might drive her to release. She endured and found herself standing there the four that joined in kissed her cheek and headed back into the crowd. The original two women and Sir remained. He stood on the stair in front of her. A deafening series of howls erupted as he approached them and then turned to face Ann. The women took the candles they had carried. Candles that had been burning away the entire time, creating huge pools of wax that would be poured from on high onto her chest, her back and her thighs. She was bathed in its scaling heat that coated her well abused body.

Sir Just watched and smiled. The pair pissed her lips and petted her kitty as the bid their farewells in one last fleeting attempt to make her come so it could all start again.

She stood there relishing it all waiting to be untied. Sir looked on letting her savor the experience. She rubbed her wrists admiring the lines from the ropes and the were loosened and unwrapped. She touched her chest, her thighs, and was delighted with the events of the evening. What she really needed now was a little release. “Sir what is next?” she asked in her best slut voice and flashing the deepest darkest bedroom eyes in her direction hoping for some amazing private time and after care.

He stood there, took out a black leather collar and watched her face “Oh we’re just getting started, Your ass is mine” left his lips as he fastened it around her delicate neck. Ann realized no one had come anywhere near her backside since he first swatted it. Nearly every inch of her body had been touched, teased, and tormented but not a errant swat, a single touch or playful swat caught her there.

He tied one of the ropes to the metal ring on the collar and she followed him across the stage, down the stairs and through the crowd to a small private room. There she found that edge she had been looking for, was taken near her limits again and again. A few times she was taken just beyond them. In the end not just her ass was his but every inch of her, although that part of her anatomy got some very special attention. At the end of a night that was now bordering on the beginning of morning she found herself in the car sitting rather uncomfortably and still intensely aroused. While stopped at a red light he looked over grinned that wicked grin of his she had come to know that night and told her “Now you can come”.

His hand drifted between her thighs to help her along, not that she needed much help.

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