Daily Archives: December 24, 2009

"I don't remember Sir" Ann said correcting herself almost expecting another stinging smack on her backside. Instead she was greeted with cruel laughter from him and mischievous giggles from the two thigh high boot and corset wearing sultry temptresses who had stripped her naked and tied her in place. For the first time she tried those restraints, pulling against them slightly, testing her tethers. The strands of hemp that adorned her wrists tightened, she could feel the lines they were making on her delicate skin as she pulled ever so slightly. Her surrender had began as she looked out at a filled room that was watching even more intently than before. The sound of his had smacking her ass so soundly drew their attention, signaled the start they had all been anticipating, waiting for, and hoping to see with voyeuristic intensity in the past few fleeting moments.

Tempting Fate Part 4 (Fetish)