So why’s there a box of Rope under the bed? 1

I give you one of my favorite poets SweetTalk to get you all hot and bothered.

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Now take a deep breath.If you’ve cooled down enough and are interested in more of her works you can find her at and on my top friends list on myspace as well.

Now moving right along

While I certainly wouldn’t call the Chesty Blonde a classic rope slut in the modern vernacular of the word the dynamic of our relationship works for the most part which is about all anyone can ask for.To her credit she often tolerates my insanity and interests.I on the other hand am a confirmed lifelong card carrying Kinkster.So if anyone knows of an impending deviant round up a la the Salem Witch Trials give me a heads up so I can run to the proverbial hills.

Like a lot of people we have vanilla lives too and included in those vanilla lives is the house in the burbs (which I hate), a couple of kids (that I love very much) and all the other things that go with that setting including the occasional challenge of deciding which alternative lifestyle type friends (Yes AU you’re politics gets you lumped in to that category…just kidding you’ve earned your spot there.) can come to the same parties as our, or more accurately the Blonde’snilla friends.

For example you can’t have the lesbian couples over with the same people from church (I don’t go other people in the house on occasion do).Or if after going out with some Nilla guys to a bar one shouldn’t explain that the women on the dance floor aren’t lesbians they’re Bi and that there was a swinger social there earlier that evening.It also raises additional questions when you greet the aforementioned Bi Swingers by name when they come over to say hi between the band’s set.What can I say I’m a friendly guy, I know a lot of people, are you buying any of this?Yeah I’m not sure they were either.

Anyhow having avoided flying on a giant silver penis earlier this week I find myself working from home and decided to have lunch with the blonde.After a little soup and salad she informs me that the little one who’s ten had questions about what was under our bed.Of course I had to think about what it was first.

“The Bed Posts?” I asked not certain why that mattered.After all we took the tall bed posts off for the most part a few years ago.Maybe I was suppose to put them in storage umpteen months ago and forgot about.Unlikely but not impossible.

“No the box of rope Mal”

See the byproduct of an active sexual lifestyle and a few kinky habits is the tools of the trade.I have a night stand with enough things in it to start a small adult toy store complete with a nice fetish section and enough rope to dock an air craft carrier.Then there’s the rope bag in the closet, the surplus toy back pack and add the Blonde’s top filing cabinet drawer and night stand and then you have a pretty good idea.

Often when traveling together she worries if we die someone will inevitably find those things and what they will think.I think they’ll figure out that we probably had sex and might have liked it. Sorry but the post mortem thoughts of me should be ones of a pious couple.Loving yes.Sexually unimaginative, No!

“So what did you tell her?“I asked seeing as I’m the one who the kids typically ask the odd questions to.It was nice to not be the one doing the explaining for a change.Just a few weeks back I was tasked explaining what swinger was in a way that was understandable, honest, and appropriate for a 10 year old. The follow up was “are you a swinger?”the answer was equally as direct “No” which then turned into “Uh OK.Can we have Sushi for Dinner?”

“I told her it was for your book cover” – it was an honest answer.That particular box of ropes was for the book cover.Not the play ropes but simply things I bought for the book cover and sadly haven’t used since (I love the colors but like other rope types much better).

Getting back to my desk I contemplate whether or not to move the box.If so how do I answer why we moved it.Guess it all really comes down to whether or not I was suppose to store the big assed screw off bed posts somewhere else which I’m in no hurry to do since they can be put back on in about 10 minutes and are so much better to tie things to.

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  • Sweettalk

    I do appreciate that .. You can be my pimp anytime =)~

    Time to get busy and use those ropes, just sayin.. ya don’t want them to get dusty. Oh, and Pics.. would be lovely.*wink*

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