She Wants to Submit

Written as a script this fun little role play features a true brat as the female lead and me playing her foil in the audio portion (available above on the pickle player).   Have a fun night and sse you in the moring with the next episode.

M = the male part
V= equals the female part (Victoria more accurately)

V– My mind is racing and before he’s even said a word I know just by my posture standing there boldly, not giving and inch, looking him squarely in they eye that I am tempting fate.

Tempting him, daring him to try to take me to that place that he wants so desperately to take me to and that maybe, some where that I’m not entirely willing to admit I might really like to go.

My heels level the stature playing field…slightly! My outfit is tempting enough to turn any man to putty, make them dance to my whims and not theirs, to give me absolutely anything I ever wanted…and so much more.

M– So I walked into the room and there she is waiting, One look tells me Oh so here we go again, she is in one of those moods, thinking I’ll back down thinking she holds all the cards, thinking that she’ll wear me down and be the one who really is in control. Not to night not unless she yells out the only thing that will make me stop, A safe word. Other wise all the begging and pleading and struggling in the world won’t help her until I decide it’s finished. Who cares if she’s had enough limits were meant to be tested, boundaries just like strong willed little sluts were meant to be broken.

V– “Ahh about time you got here I was afraid you wouldn’t show. That the possibility that it was entirely too much for your stiff stoic little mind to handle. I’m not you’re average girl you know.”

My words are bold and not until after the last one escaped my lips did I notice there was something different about him tonight. He seemed more like a statue cut from the most magnificent granite…hard and cold. But I still continued on as he crossed the long open room toward me. His foot steps are slow and hauntingly heavy, echoing loudly. His standard casual attire was missing, replaced with leather pants, a black T shirt and big black ominous boots. Still I taunted him.

“I’m not sure what you has in mind but playing war really isn’t doing much for me so an you lose the fifth infantry battalion shoes. I had other thing in mind.”

M– “That’s ok what I’m going to do to you tonight is a direct violation of the Geneva Convention.”

V– My mouthed opened before I thought. “Oh so you planned on playing war. Because on second thought I realized that you might be doing a gay biker impersonation of Johnny Cash.” Realizing his words were cold and his steps toward me slowed as I glared at him, daring him to try to come closer. I had backed him down so easily men really can be such simple little play things. And right when I was about to speak. To make sure he knew that no matter how the scene played out I was the one calling each and every shot.

He stopped. I stepped forward. He didn’t move. I moved closer again just one step. Maybe he really was just a beautiful statue since he was completely still and silent. So I batted my eyes and worked my way towards him again ever so slowly. Now we stood not more than 10 feet apart. I mocked him noticing the small black bag he was carrying “NICE PURSE! It even matches your outfit I’m so proud of you”.

Not a word, perhaps I wondered if I hurt his feelings men can be so soft and sensitive theses days. As I approached closing the last of the distance he smiled the most wicked little grin.

Finally his voice broke the silence

M – “That’s a good start. A very good start.”

V -What is? You standing still and silent. True some times I do like the strong silent type but not the still and silent type. It might be an indication of a lack of other skills, if you know what I mean.

M– “No the good start was that you already learned to come.”

V- and just then I realized that he had been in control all along, that I had played right into what he wanted but the game was far from over. “I plan on coming a lot”

M – “I bet you do. Hand!”

V– So I started to Clap (insert clapping) and then he snatched my hand right at the wrist. I pulled and put the other one behind my back quickly in an act of futile defiance. I’ll give him one thing he is a very strong man because as I pulled and all but hung my body weight from the limb he has seized and he didn’t so much as flinch holding me there like I was nothing more that a feather.

M– Now we are going to do this my way, every single second of it my way, and it will be a night you you’ll never forget.

V – “Unlikely” I bratted back at him. But as his grip tightened like a vice I could feel his warm flesh was indeed not stone now however his eyes were wicked in a way I had never seen before and he wore a sneer bordering on a grin. “I dare you to even try”. Bratting him once again

He let go of my wrist and it joined my other hand behind my back with such force that I stumbled backward, lost my balance, and crumbled in to a sexy heap on the floor.


V– Really had he become monosyllabic, “Hand! Strip!” Not much in the way of conversation to seduce a girl but hey I’ll play along in the name of a good time. So I found my way to my feet. Took another step or two back to make sure he had a really good view and started to move ever so slowly. Running my hand over my curves, a touch here, a little pat there, a shimmy a shake and a wiggle before reaching for the first buttons and then the second I drug our my little number for a good ten minutes before I got down to noting more than heels and panties.

M “So you only get one choice tonight. Which would you like first what’s in my bag or pocket first”

V “well a girl like me has to keep her options open. Is what’s in the bag bigger than what’s in your pocket?”

M “Of course it is. But you’re going to get both so pick”

V– Well I certainly hope so. So would I rather go from big to small or small to big?”

M– as I said your choice. Pick.

V– “let’s go with big first” and as I started toward him he tossed the bag at my feet. Completely unnecessary but I made the most of it, walked past the bag. Turned my back side towards him and bent over slowly and playfully making sure he was watching. The boy’s blood had to be boiling just watching me but to his credit he wasn’t letting it show. We’ll see how strong his will is when I get a little closer. And the second I looked toward the bag. CRACK right across my ass, and some where between the unexpected smack and the gasp I let out he swatted me again. So I snatched the bag stood up and was about to set things straight.

M– Put them on NOW!

V– What the fuck was that!

M – not even the start now open the bag and put them on or I will.

V– Opening the bag I saw four thick red leather cuffs with glistening d rings that could keep an aircraft carrier docked. These weren’t sex shop novelty items they were the real thing. Pushing him a little bit more “I won’t and you can’t make me” And with that he swallowed me in his arms and wrestled me to the ground before I knew what was going on I was face down with a hand behind my back and one cuff almost on.

I struggled and he spanked me again to get my attention. For one reason or another I kept struggling and when I reached back with my other arm to cover my now stinging and searing hot ass he grabbed that hand and put the cuff on.

.. –>[if !supportLists]–>V- .. –>[endif]–>Bastard


V- Well I’m not sure if you’ve ever been tackled, pinned to the ground naked, smacked and cuffed. It can be quite the experience but I wasn’t going to give in that easy he was going to have to work for my respect. So always being the consummate brat I protested and told him “I dared you to make me put on the ankle cuffs”.

M – Fine have it your way.

V – The next sound was of a karabiner working its wicked little magic and then he picked me up like a rag doll. I just love it when that happens and set me back up on my feet. About the time that same time he managed to take a hold of my arms and lock the two cuffs together in front of me.

Guess I still haven’t learned since I decided to tell him “that was stupid now I couldn’t put the other cuffs on if I wanted to”

M – “Oh you can and you will. You just need a little proper motivation”

V – about that time he reached for the bag and unzipped a few sections I had over looked. He began pulling out an assortment of wicked little things that left nothing to the imagination. It was quite certain what they were for and more importantly that he intended to use each and every one of them on me.

So I decided to rethink my approach and took a seat, trying not to come crashing down. He just stood there and watched as I fumbled with my bound hands to collect the cuffs, contort my body and put them around my ankles.

He towered in the distance watching with wicked delight as I struggled. Looking at me and the picking up some biting little implement or another seemingly at about the exact second I was going to give up or say something.

Finally with both of them in place I rolled from my bottom to my knees and before I could reach forward to balance my self to stand he stepped right in front of me.

.. –>[if !supportLists]–>M- .. –>[endif]–>See a little motivation always helps, but don’t think you’re getting off that easy. Besides I like the position you’re in. Kneeling at my feet seems to suit you.

V- “Don’t get used to it won’t last for long.”

M– That’s right it won’t I have other uses for you. It seems we have forgotten something oh yes the thing in my pocket,

V- So with that he pulled out a long black silk scarf. I felt its soft coolness as he covered my eyes. In the darkness I could feel my skin tingling, the stimulation fading ever so slightly from our earlier encounter, the hard leather of the cuffs against wrists and the weight of it against my ankles. He helped me to my feet and led me across the room, down what I imagined to be the hall and into who knows where. He clasped my legs wide to something very solid.

Leaned me forward slightly and uncuffed my hands placing each of my fingers around a cold metal bar. As I griped it tightly the sound of chains ensuring my hands stayed in place echoed through my mind.

I waited and heard foot steps come and go. No doubt how he had left me he was collecting all those cruel devices I say him handling so eagerly in the other room.

M- Is there anything you’d like to say before we really begin

Victoria– Considering my options and for once choosing my words very carefully I stood silently.

M- Well?

Victoria-You’re going to have to make me” and before I could finish the sentence he tore the last stitch of clothing off my body in one violent unapologetic pull. I screamed out “I’m yours, do what ever you want to me, I want and need you to. I want to submit”

Finally we were getting somewhere good and things hadn’t even really started yet.

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