Marks, Lines, Bruises, and the locker room

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Now not that I have anything against nudity, usually some of the most fun things involve varying states of nakedness. Play clothes can be part of a very fun filled life, what’s better than dressing up and pretending to be something you usually aren’t. After all how many times can a girl really act like an angel, I tell you this its far more often than most of us get to act like the devil…in public anyway. You have to keep up appearances you know!

Unlike a fishnet cat suit and dangerously high heels that lacks any modesty at all or a sexy police officer out fit equipped with real cold shiny steel hand cuffs that get put to good use there all those other lovely little things that go along with a little rough sex.

Just like the clothes those delightfully wicked little thing can be put away, carried from here and there discreetly in a bag so other than the TSA on occasion most people have no idea they’re even there…let alone what to do with them. Though I believe a lot more people know than would ever let on!

Well every so often after a particularly fun weekend the after effects get worn for a few days. It is part of the fun, the subtle reminders, after all you earned those stripes right. If you didn’t struggle against the ropes why even use them to tie up your hands…or other things.

So a line here, a splotch there, marks are just another way to savor play that has passed and gives a little something delicious to look forward to next time.

So unless you happen to live at a nudist colony or like getting frisked by larger burly public servants before taking a ride down town and risking getting your picture in the local paper for being a deviant chances are none of use are seen naked by strangers all that often.

Well except for the locker room, oh sure there are curtains and a dressing area’s just outside the showers which are great if you don’t mind a puddle of questionable water around your feet as you get dressed.

Or remember to use them.

On one day in particular you can feel the eyes looking you with out even turning, gawking at your legs, or more so a little higher on your back side as you slip into your jeans.

You begin to wonder nervously if there are symmetrical lines across the middle of your back or where they were all fastened together. Your mind races as to what else they might be seeing that you had forgotten about and as you finish dressing the red rings around your wrists from where you pulled you little heart out screaming in delight are all too obvious. Glowing like Rudolf’s nose of a foggy Christmas eve.

So what’s a girl to do as she turns to find Susie home maker there looking on in horror? Try to explain? Like she’d believe you! Stop going to the Gym on Monday’s? Not a chance. Try to make her understand, well that seems to be the answer.

As I smiled devilishly, rubbed my wrists, and offered a polite ” have a good night.”

To which she awkwardly said “you too”

Coyly playing back “oh honey you have no idea how good really will be.” She blushed as my deep blue eyes met hers one last time before rounding the corner.

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