Something Wicked

Here’s my offering of edgy and intense for your own imaginations to run wild with.  If  you’d like the audio version can be heard by click here or by visiting

Not shaking yet but edging ever closer to that subtle uncontrollable loss of composure she made her was toward the door.  He followed her, merely lingering a few steps behind. His heavy boots causing each long and lumbering stride to call out like the very literal sound of impending doom watching her as it moved closer.

Making her way down the dark hallway bathed in motionless shadows. Everything had fallen absolutely silent, except for his menacing movements. Perhaps she just wasn’t hearing a sound as her mind raced playing the look she saw in his eyes over and over again.  A look filled with what could only be described as sinister intent.

It sounded so ominous, and felt like the world was watching her as she passed by every set of glaring and damning eyes. Moving like a nervous and damned woman. She was convinced everyone knew what awaited her on the other side of the door that was now not so far in the distance.

Fear when it takes the place of knowledge and reason it causes a vivid imagination like hers, at first it runs wild and imagines only the worst and then from there twists each and every of those irrational concerns into all consuming fictional possibilities, swimming in the unreal and the infinite uncertainty.

Sweat started to form on her pretty little brow, and her legs grew weak as she reached for the door. Fighting back the urge to throw herself on the floor and plead for anything but what she was imagining.  Instead her hand obediently turned the knob and it began to swing open.

She looked back at him hoping to see a glimmer of mercy in his eyes, there was only a glimmer of something wicked as she then turned to face the music and broke the threshold by stepping into the chamber.  Expecting him to arrive behind her only seconds later instead he called out as he passed.  “You know what to do to get ready.  Hop on up. I’ll be back”   Oh he’ll be back alright and far too soon for her liking as she waited a still growing bundle of nerves for him to return and join her.

That time was growing ever closer but not upon her just yet.  And after a few deep breaths and clearing some of the awaiting horrors and torture from her mind, the no so silent screams she believed she heard coming from the next room down.  Wicked little devices drilling away bits of a persons being in all too sensitive area’s.  Some people never seem to learn, and she was one of those.

Always well intentioned, starting off on the right foot after each session but shortly there after falling back to her old ways and bad habits.  Habits so engrained and bred out of pure laziness that even the times like these failed to improve or break them.

In the hall way the foot steps stopped, menacingly paused in front of her door.  All her sense were ablaze again as she heard another voice along with his and before the reality of the entire situation settled in the door had been opened and she jumped.  Her heart raced and her body shook subtly as he moved towards her.  She wanted him to start if for no other reason than the entire ordeal would be closer to over.  And it being over is the one thing that she wanted most.

But instead he took his time arranging the tools of his sadistic trade. A trade that had the guises of helping, of providing not only preventative measure but relief from the pain of things gone awry, no matters who fault it was…even if it was nature playing her cruel hand, or neglect in and of itself. It led to something awful.

The awful sounds of the tortured souls that had been off in the distance and next door were gone and as he set the last of his implements down to a clinking, thudding tone.  He looked in to her eyes.

She couldn’t see his mouth but as his voiced explained what was going to happen in very eloquent detail, she could feel him grinning behind his mask as he put her into position and reached toward the tray holding his devices.  She opened wide giving in to the inevitable and she could see it in his hand, moving in a unrelenting fashion toward her.

He was about to begin and he was beginning with something wicked.


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