A Surrender, Part 3 – Mistress returns 2

By request and due to their over all popularity part 3 of a female dominate series of stories for all you male subs, female tops and switches out there.Of course you can read the first 2 installments but just to bring you up to speed.

A very thoroughly spanked male sub waits naked and still in position from his last punishment for his Mistress to return and administer his next session of the evening.The promise of anything but another spanking on his red and bruised bottom would be a reprieve even if it includes more wicked little devices and cruel attention to his nether region.

Waiting his bared bottom still flushed and the dark shades of purple becoming more evident every few minutes he stood there.She had spanked him before but never as hard or as long as what he had just gotten.Two clamps on his balls left him some where between tortured and excited and the cold lube on the plug in his ass had warmed and only added to the sensations he was feeling.

The pain danced with pleasure as he took pride in how he had handled his punishment,but pride was a foolish thing for a slave, and especially foolish knowing that there was more to come.

Her foot steps on the stairs echoed.His throbbing bottom waiting for her in plain view as she entered the room, she drank it in and just couldn’t help herself.She walked over and patted it a few times, he tensed as even the slightest little smack sent new levels of pain coursing though his body.

“I see you stayed just like I left you.”Her mind still spinning in indecision, he waited for her hoping she wasn’t going to do what he was anticipating.

“But first we’ll start with just a little reminder, just so you don’t forget what you’ve already learned.”Her voice confirmed everything he feared and as the leather slapper met his bottom he fought through the sting “yes Mistress”.  She spanked every so lightly but it didn’t feel that way on the receiving end.Her cruel little reminder left him dancing and struggling to stay in place as she swatted one cheek and then the other slowly and deliberately with a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Soon her interest waned and she removed the plug and clamps all but unannounced.“Kneel, and lick my boots”he stood and turned around to see her waiting in shiny black boots, a latex corset and panties matching panties.Seconds later all but threw himself at her feet just relieved that she was moving onto something else.

“Oh you didn’t think it was going to be that easy did you”she inquired

“No Mistress” he said pausing.

“Good now don’t miss a spot” as she danced a flogger across his back.Whipping him at will as he knelt at her feet.Every so often she was tempted to land it a little lower and as his back glowed a soft pink and red she reached further and place a hard stoke across his ass.He paused.She gave him another that sent him in to writhing misery.“who said you could stop pig.”She demanded, as she continued to abuse his bruised and tender bottom with her flogger.

“Please Mistress” he pleaded looking up at her.She was so arousing to him even now.

Knowing he was at his limit “Fine so maybe your poor little bottom has had enough for a while.Stand up”

He did so quickly.“I see you’re enjoying this so lets see how your hard little dick likes what you’ve just earned it.”She said grabbing him roughly by his manhood that was in fact was from small and instantly grew completely rigid with her touch.

“Trust me this won’t feel good for long” Stroking him, teasing him, and making certain he was enjoying it at least a little.Next she wrapped the thin rope over the base of his dick tightly, wrapping each of his balls until they were separated and bulging against each of the tight little loops of ropes making that made the restraints.

She then took a small leather strap in one hand and the base of his erection in the other.A soft slap across the top of his penis, and then another until she got to 10 each a little harder than the last.“now for the under side holding it up she whipped the underside of his dick’s head 10 times each strokes sending a mixture of pain and pleasure racing through his body.

“Now let’s add a little something to the fun” placing leather restraints around his wrists and ankles and fasting him tightly in place he stood waiting for her to begin again and she tortured his cock first the top side top and then bottom mercilessly whipping him with the strap paying particular attention to the fat mushroom shaped tip.Then a light but stinging beating with a wooden ruler covering the tip of his dick with extra care and precision that left him moaning and on the edge of an indescribable sensation, stopping ever so often to taunt him with long strokes of her hand, masturbating him to the point of pleasure but never too close to release and then inflicting more pain.

Clamping his nipples she added small weights drawing the pinch to a pulling bite, tugging and then letting them hang there pulling relentlessly against him. Reaching and squeezing and patting his still glowing bare ass and finally unbinding his cock and balls.

“Look your little balls feel neglected as she pulled out a latex flogger and began to address the neglect.He writhed in torment and she delighted not only in his suffering binding his still obvious erection to his torso to keep it stimulated and out of the waywhen she cupped his ball flogging first with a leather toy and then a wicked little latex implement with countless soft and thin strands stinging and going astray.He moaned and drew inside of himself as she continued.

Removing her black panties he watched as she revealed a cleanly shaved pussy that glistened with her arousal. Then releasing him he followed he across the room and placed his head between her legs sending a shudder through her soaked pussy as his tongue danced over her lips and in and out of her.

Taking him in hand and positioning him between her legs she tapped his abused little cock against her clit over and over again to the edge of her own second release and well into to it as he stood and watched his mistress cum.

“ Do you want to fuck me” she asked.

“Yes Mistress” His answer almost too eager.

“In time but not before I finish fucking you” Now standing in front of him she helped him to his knees and he looked on while his mistress placed he harness around her small waist and long toned legs.Reaching into the toy chest she removed a pink dildo that he had never seen before, it was longer and thicker than any they had ever played.Astonished as she strapped it on her intention was now perfectly clear as she moved towards him the size and girth becoming even more worrisome as she drew closer.

She stopped in front of where he was kneeling.Eagerly and hoping to avoid the alternative took it into his mouth as his lips stretched to swallow it.“Nice try but you know exactly where it’s going”As she stepped back and now behind him his red and purple bottom in the air waiting she eased the heavily lubed massive toy into him and back out again until a nice rhythm of her hips bouncing off his beat red ass had been established, adding the occasional hard spank to his punished bottom for added effect.

After thoroughly and savagely fucking his ass she mounted him and his raw dick fucking roughly until she came again and again, finally giving him permission to do the samehe did so almost instantly and forcefully from all the stimulation over the course of the evening.

“ left something outside the door could you get it for me?”

He answered and opened the door to find the switches she had cut earlier waiting for him.He carried them to her and bent back over the spanking bench.His heart sank again.“Oh I was just bringing those along for another time but if you really need another reminder I’d be happy to help.”The first one cut across his back side, every muscle in his body tensed and he fought to stay in position.She continued on with well placed strokes and long pauses, enjoying the sound of the implement swooshing through the air and then sending a crack out through the room as it landed.How he tensed and pleaded for it to be over yet he stayed in position and waited, waited for it to end, waited for her to apply another stinging swat . He waited to knowing that he would do anything else she wanted.

What she wanted was his fat sore cock inside of her…but that could wait just a few more minutes.

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