A Surrender, Part 2 – Later that night

By request and due to their over all popularity part 2 of afemale dominate series of stories for all you male subs, female tops and switches out there.This one crosses fromspanko to bdsm so like the character in the story…you’ve been warned.

After visiting for hours during what she considered to be a pleasant evening the time came to take their leave and quickly her role as guest and friend faded and once alone in the car she became his mistress instantly.But other than the change in her demeanor not much was said until after their garage door began to open and the car made its way into the drive way.

“Take care of any needs you’ll have since we’ll be there for a while and then meet me in “the room” Her voice matter of fact.As the garage door closed he scurried off quickly and relieved himself.Afterhurrying back through the house he descended the stairs to basement and found himself in the hallway that lead to as she matter of factly put it “the room”and no sooner than he entered it her gaze was waiting.He entered, stopped at her feet, kneeled down with his eyes cast to the floor and waited to be told what to do.

“Why are you here?” her inquiry directed at him.

“To serve you Mistress”his best submissive voice

“No to be punished and prove you’re not my worthless little slave” her voice harsh

“Yes Mistress” he looked up meekly with out lifting his head.

“We’ll begin again where we left off, with your pathetic little ass”Grabbing his arm and leading him to a bench that he knew all too well the meaning of.As he approached his already tenderbottom reminded him of earlier when he had been whipped with a belt and then she finished spanking his bare bottom with freshly cut switches.

Waiting for instructions he stood where she left him in front of a spanking bench that it was only a matter of time before she bent him over.

“lets see what should I used first.”Now toying with him he watched her go through an extensive collection of paddles one by one looking at each and deciding whether or not it would have the right effect.

“I think this one to start” as she pulled out a very stingy thing round wooden number that she knew always got is attention on a lily white ass so it should work quickly tonight on one that had already been thoroughly punished and then a wide thick leather number to follow up with.

“Are you ready to begin” she asked walking toward him an implement in each hand.

“Yes Mistress”

“Then you know what to do, strip and then I’ll help you into position”She watched as he removed every stitch of clothed lastly his boxers that covered a well marked and still lightly colored bottom.

Standing in front of the bench waiting, slightly aroused by what was about to happen.

“Ask me” she insisted.

“Mistress will you please punish me” he said, he hated to ask yet she loved to humiliate him and to hear him ask.

“How would you like to be punished” playing back knowing that she could twist any answer to be right or wrong.

“As you see fit Mistress”He answered.She smiled a pleased but wicked little smile.It seemed that he had learned something along the way but that wasn’t going to spare him a single lick tonight.

Her hand swatted his bottom sharply and he winced.Then she proceeded to bend him over to begin his spanking.Positioning him just, bent at the waist, legs spread she patted him firmly a few more times to be certain he was set perfectly and admiring in detail her earlier handiwork.Tracing the welts, studying a few small bruises on his waiting bare bottom she had every intention of torturing far more before moving onto other things.

He waited patiently on display as her hands caressed and patted, it was a mixture of teasing pleasure that was exiting him despite what was yet to come, a remaindered of the earlier session and a seemingly eternal wait for her to begin again.

“Time for your paddling” she said stepping back and picking up the thin wooden ping pong paddle.Crack, the sound of it impacting his back side filled the room and the sting of the first swat alone brought back the sensations that had faded sine his earlier discipline.After two more in the exact same spot she switched sides swatting the same spot crisply three times and then launched an attacked on his all ready tomented ass that left his butt stinging like a swarm of bees and him dancing in place over the spanking bench, cheeks clenched to lessen the sting and hand clenched to hold himself in place.

She was relentless and after every inch of his bottom was covered in fresh spanks she began again until he was a glowing shade of crimson.Finally pausing.

“Now that you’re warmed up a little let’s make sure that you understand what I’m going to do to you”She said

“yes mistress”The leather paddle came down hard across his sit spot on both cheeks after he answered.

“I’m going to finish beating your naughty bottom” she paused

“Yes mistress” another swat harder than the last set his backside even more ablaze

“Yes Mistress what?” He saw where this was going, as the full effect of the last one settled in.

“Yes Mistress you’re going to finish beating my naughty bottom”Another crack filled the room.

“That’s right and how did you say that I should punish you”she asked paddling him again.He paused to collect his breath but it took too long in her mind and she swatted him again.

“ I asked you to punish me as you see fit.Mistress” he answered. She was bored and was done toying with him.

And swatted him again, as that one set in she gave him another, and then another until 10 hard swats each with an long drawn out pause.He heard he heels on the concrete as she walked away.The sound of the toy closet opening was unmistakable and moment latter she returned with a 4 in wide wooden paddle.

“Count them” She ordered as he tensed not knowing what was coming.The first one made it obvious.

He gasped, and called out “One Mistress”

“the number will be fine for this part but if you move we start over at one” She reassured him and before he could answer then next swat arrived on his bottom that had already been taken from tender to sore and was well on it’s way past red to a lasting deep shade of excruciating purple.

“Two” he called out after winging and shifting about ever so slightly

“Three” he said forcing the breath from his lungs and hoping it would stop soon

The fourth he called out after a short rest and it had landed on his sit spot yet again fulfilling her earlier promise that he would want to spend the next week trying to stand.

Five, six, seven, and eight each left him counting the number and on the edge of begging for her mercy, pleading with her not to stop but to move on to something else.He resisted and did his best as she finished his spanking with another harsh smack as he called out 12 nearly under his breath.

“now I’m almost done with your naughty ass but not with the rest of you”Her tone making it all to clear his ordeal was far from over.

At first it was cold, and wet but he resisted the urge to fight and held on as his butt was plugged without warning with a small toy and an inordinate amount of lube.Next still bent over his backside not only thoroughly abused but now filled she moved onto his balls placing two small clamps on them.

“There that should give you something to think about” she said her hand smacking his fiery hot bottom a few times for good measure.She delighted as how he struggled to obey and took all of the pain she inflicted o willingly but what pleased her most was feeling him surrender in those last few spanks to what ever she truly wanted as he collapsed on to the bench in earnest.

“now I know that you know no to move, those clamps and that plug had better still be in place when I return.”She said sitting the wooden paddle on his back as a reminder.

“Yes Mistress” his voice accepting that the night had only just begun

His Mistress took her leave her heels clicked across the concrete and up the stairs as he remained in position, raw, bruised and spread by her toy that filled him, and two new devices pinching his balls. He was left wondering what was next and how much more there was to come.

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