Through the Walls

It’s been a while since I’ve penned a pure spanko story so here it goes.  I got the idea while out on a run yesterday through a new neighborhood a few down from mine. Tradesman talked and hammered inside a newly constructed home I was passing.  The homes were so close, perhaps 12 feet apart it made me wonder what else could be heard through the walls. Is it still called voyeurism if you can only hear it and not see it or is it simply eavesdropping?   




It was an unseasonably warm Saturday afternoon and John decided to spend a little time outside, just puttering mostly with this and with that but nothing in particular.  After all there weren’t many warm sunny days in the middle of winter and even though the holiday decorations had been long since put away still the tepid breeze gave the illusion that spring time might be just around the corner if not already upon him.

Winter was an odd time and the normally bustling neighborhood became dormant, no one out chatting on the side walk.  No kids in the streets, BBQ’s, over the fence conversations, or hours spent in the sun tending to lawns and gardens in a endless battle against nature and man to have the best coiffed patch of suburbia.

Every one pretty much knew everyone else but winter was reduced to waving from cars and even the dogs ran back in when let out as quickly as possible to avoid the cold.  There was one exception, John’s new neighbors who moved in late last fall just as the weather turned.  Sure he had done the neighborly thing and introduced himself but shortly after that the first cold snap started.  Standing at the back corned of the house puttering with the down spout he heard a faint crack come from his new neighbors’ house.

Thinking nothing of it he continued to while away his time.  Dressed in her little school girl out fit complete with scuffed shoes and a wrinkled un-tucked blouse and an indecently short plaid skirt that didn’t even completely cover her panties Lisa made her way to the living room and the closed shades tightly.  Passing past the table that loomed ominously in the center of the dining room she peeked out into the yard and saw John by the back corner of the house.  Fortunately he didn’t see her as she drew the thick drapes and sheers so tightly that the light of day had vanished leaving the room in an odd dark state for a moment.

John still unaware in his quiet suburban Hamlet tending to the things he perhaps loved but certainly occupied his time with.  Other things were a foot and had yet to start in earnest when he heard Dave’s voice stern and slightly elevated through the wall “You had better get your nose in that corner young lady”  the chandelier now ablaze  compensating more than adequately for the eclipsed sun.

John knew what he thought he heard.  When the thought dawned on him that he knew for a fact that Dave and Lisa didn’t have any children. Perhaps his old ears were not what they once were.  Still he lingered near the back corner his house, not really knowing why, then again he was out side puttering just to putter so why not stay where he was and fix the edging, think about the upcoming planting.

Lisa at that very moment was just inside her home’s walls was pressing her nose and perky little chest into the corner that 5 feet or so on the other side of the same corner her unsuspecting neighbor studied his landscaping. Dave was opening the Armoire and the squeak of the hinges made Lisa’s heart jump as she began to worry about exactly what her was moving from it. She could hear him placing an assortment of things on the buffet.

“Stick that little ass out”  Dave instructed walking towards her.  Crack, his hand landed on one cheek and then the other.  Then a few more, John’s ears perked up.  And Dave’s voice rang through clear as a bell.  “I’m going to beat that little ass of yours bright red.  Do you understand?”

Lisa answered even more clearly, “Yes sir”.  He smacked each of her cheeks soundly with his hand a few more times just to let a little sting start to build.  John was certain of what he was hearing. He inched away from his garden and toward their walls, he couldn’t believe his ears.

“Now say it”  Dave asked.

Lisa, still with her nose and tits pressed in the cornered and her cheeks the slightest shade of pink under her panties pleaded playfully.  “Don’t make me ask.”

Dave’s eyes narrowed “I asked you to say it. Don’t make me ask again” Pausing, picking up a leather paddle and cracking it just hard enough on his own leg to get her attention.

Lisa still playing “Can’t you just do it.  I don’t want to say it.”

Dave grabbed her by the waist pulling her bottom out ward immediately after she finished and landed the long leather paddle across her in quick succession five times.

“So you want to be defiant today young lady!” He added as he paused.

John listening intently still couldn’t believe his ears, he forgot that it was a warm winter day with the sun on his face.  He forgot that he was holding a flat spade to fix his edging and in drinking the sounds of his new neighbors forgot that a few seconds earlier he was worried about one of their welfare when he heard Lisa giggle.

“of course, That’s half the fun.” She added in a tone that he at first wasn’t certain of. And then after hearing five more cracks of the paddle.

“Well?” Dave asked

Lisa off balance, still more or less tucked into the corner, hands out against the wall with her stinging butt pulled out toward the room giggled.  Dave waited and then swatted her again, she laughed and then once more the paddle cried out “CRACK” as it landed over the shirt tails, skirt and panties.

“Fine” she put on her playful pouty little voice “I’ll say it, you know that I hate when you make me say it”.  John focusing waiting with great anticipation to hear what she said as Lisa looked back at Dave and with a grin “I’m ready for you to spank me!”

Dave replied “why?”

No sooner than the words sank into John’s head, making certain that he was hearing what her thought he was hearing wondering what he should do, notify the authorities, ring the door bell to see if she’s alright but just then she added quite loudly, dropping the pout “Because I love it, I want you to bend me over, pull down my panties, and spank my naughty bare ass bright red.”  Her arousal growing as the words escaped her lips.

“Oh so you want to be spanked?”  Dave inquired?

“Yes, do you know how I want it?” she toyed back now pressed into the corner.  John drifting ever closed to his neighbor’s walls to make certain he didn’t miss a word.  Had he moved that way much more his ear might have been pressed against their wall barely inches from her nose.

“Bend over the table” Dave said leading her to the table and positioning her bottom in plain view her crest pressed into the surface arms reaching out to grab the edges.  John imagined the scene in his own way, slightly different but with the same end result.

Dave lifted her skirt, and patted her playfully.

“Not over them”  She said “Pull them down and spank my bare bottom” Wiggling her slightly pink cheeks at him and he lowered them and applied a wooden spoon covering every inch of her bottom.  John listened to each and every rapid fire sound and delighted murmur still imagining what was going on and not knowing exactly was killing him.

“How’s that young lady?” Dave asked.

“A nice warm up,  I’m sure I’m getting red.” She said loudly so Dave just played along answering in a tone that was crescendo as well. “So have you learned your lesson?”

“Not hardly spank me more, and harder, make it sting and throb” Lisa had never been shy with words but this was more talk than either was use to.  Was she topping from the bottom Dave wondered picking up the infamous CB paddle.

The first swat got her attention, and each subsequent one landed in a well spaced and firm handed approach that left her dancing in place and very much feeling the sting she had been longing for.

The pleas to stop began at first playfully “No more, I’ll be good” and “I’ve been spanked enough” but he figured she’d asked for it and not wanting to be one to disappoint was going to make absolutely certain that she had her fill.  Each smack felt like a swarm of bees, each pause the possible end both a longed for and hated part of play simultaneously.

Finally pausing to rest more from his own fatigue admiring her crimson and glowing cheeks.  “How red is it?”  she asked.  Acknowledging the shade her bottom had become with a pause and Lisa took the opportunity to jump in.  “Well I guess you’ll have to wait until this time next Saturday to give me the belt.” She offered he tone still elevated.

Dave just played along wondering if a few hard strokes of the belt right now might be a good idea but the thought faded quickly “but right now you can take me upstairs and finish off my bottom while you fuck me”  She stood up a daring move but Dave let it go since he was about to get his reward for playing with her.

Later as they left the house John was in the front yard still working. Lisa couldn’t resist the temptation of going over to simply say hi.  He wondered how her punished bottom looked under the jeans.  Dave joined her shortly there after and after a few niceties,  swatted her butt playfully and insisted they go.

John blushed, and Lisa flashed a devilish little smile offering “yeah we do pretty much the same thing every Saturday but I can’t wait until summer, when it’s really hot.”

John stood there with his tool covering his growing tool and as Lisa and Dave drove up the street she finally informed him about the neighbor listening in.

He got it now and understood the entire scene so much better  “Well you’ve always loved that.  Next time whether he’s there or not we’ll really give him something to listen to you little brat.”

“Oh he’ll be there” she offered already looking forward to the following week, this time she wouldn’t be the one calling the shots, it would be his turn and the play was always so much better that way.

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