Go upstairs! – A twisted little tale

A shorter but intensely twisted little piece, after all I can’t keep all the Kinky stuff for the latter part of May when Kink Week gets here so let’s just look at today as fetish Friday.  Nothing wrong with a little tease right?


She hates to wait, sometimes it’s for hours and other it’s for days on end but not knowing what is coming is pure torture for her.  Butterflies fill her stomach and just as they start to pass she gets that look, the one that never quite says what it means to anyone else but it does to her.  Their eyes meet and hers fall away quickly.  The damned butter flies are back, and once again her pulse quickens, an uncomfortable feeling washes over her and she is poised nervously on edge a little while longer.

Today he leans over, brushes her hair back and whispers “you’ll pay for that later” in a calm unassuming voice.  Other times the only indication that his dark little mind is working on something devious is a flash of those blindingly white teeth in an understated wicked little grin.  The combination of both today made her truly take notice, her heart stopped…for a split second.

Often when out and about the small things often get “added to the bill” through out the day or days, letting it build up, leading to more waiting but she knows what to expect from that.  Those exchanges are playful in nature, nothing more than a reason to play, part of the routine, a flirtation, and each judges the others reaction accordingly.

It’s not always that simple, but on those playful times she all but knows what’s coming eventually, not too far in the future later when out of sight and ear shot of others her cute little ass gets spanked.  Of course there will be wiggling and squirming, that is part of the fun.  The struggle, the pleas, the sensation and surrender, it is to them just another form of foreplay.

Today is different, it will be play alright, knowing it means he’s going to dedicate some time to her but in what way is never quite certain. Not long ago he leaned over and told her when she got home what he was going to do to her would leave her thoroughly whipped.

Of course her mind kept playing “thoroughly whipped” over and over again as she wondered why he would say something so cruel.  On that occasion when the time came she found herself tied tightly with a limb secured to each corner of the bed, barely able to move against the ropes holding her there naked ,legs spread wide, pillows pushing her hips upward . Waiting to begin as he admired her state and when it did begin not long after the room was filled by deafening screams for him to stop, begging for just a few minutes of rest before cursing and praising the gods again in the same heaving breath.

   All the anticipation only fed the long orgasm filled session she had “earned”, his head buried between her thighs relentlessly devouring her for what seemed to be all eternity.  Ignoring her pleas and continuing on no matter how hard her hips shook or how disparately she tried to move her exhausted pussy away from him.  When he was done with her she was thoroughly whipped as promised however it was with exhaustion and not leather.

Other times it’s something much more cruel. He never let her know which.   He would call her and tell to be ready for later, call back and ask her is she prepared?  He could sense the tension in her voice, the anticipation, the sinking feeling deep inside.  She always wants to ask what he’s planning on but knows better, no good can come of that.  She loves the sense of being off balance, full of anticipation and then ultimately surrendering control.

Most of the day has passed and they’ve been long since home when the grin returned.   She is instructed to go upstairs, put on her black high heels and stand against the bed post naked with a breast on each side of the post and legs slightly wider than shoulder width.  She had never been asked to begin like that before, and after leaving and standing in place for a few minutes he joined her.

Wrapping slowly around her back, then under her breasts, drawing them together tighter on either side of the post as she was held against it more soundly with each pass. Imagining the rope sliding thought his fingers only seconds before it touched her skin, embracing her closely, firmly and tightly as he tied off.   Her chest on display each side physically separated from the other, round and wrapped again and again until perfectly shaped and straining against its bounds.

“I’m feeling wicked” He offered and still not knowing all he intended. Tweaking her chest and producing a clamp of each nipple meticulously placing them just so, slowly allowing their biting grip to take effect. She moaned as his hands touched her thighs, her soaked pussy glistening, longing for him as he wound pass after pass of the thin biting strands around her thighs and securing her hand to it.  And then on the other leg one slow secure pass, then another, taking his time, savoring her warm soft flesh in his hands as she became his completely, helpless, naked, and aroused.  Excitedly waiting for whatever was next.

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