A Surrender, Part 1 The beginning

By request and due to their over all popularity another female dominate series of stories for all you male subs, female tops and switches out there.This one crosses from spanko to bdsm so like the character in the story…you’ve been warned.

There was no doubt he was going to be punished it was something that he had earned in his mistress’s eyes.At times he craved the attention, the release and the surrender to every wicked little whim and desire, now was one of those times as he played mischievously disobeying instructions and lessons that had long ago been learned.It was the little things that he knew got to her. They were things no one else would even notice or think twice about.But she certainly did and the look before she even opened her mouth said it all.

You’ve been warned” she whispered to him.He knew what that meant and then turning to her hosts and friends a few minutes later.

“If you’ll excuse us for a few minutes we have some things to attend to and a few errands to run if you don’t mind.”This was news to him but as pleasantries and assurances that they’d be back shortly were exchanged, she headed for the door and he followed.

As the car door closed and the engine started her pleasant tone changed now that they were alone.“I am going to beat your little ass so red you’ll spend the rest of the evening standing and the remainder of the week trying not to sit down”

He knew she was serious but surely they weren’t going to drive 45 minutes across town to home.Sitting silently she drove a little further out, pulled down a few back roads and with nothing in sight but country side and hills stopped the car 5 minutes from where they had just been.

“Get out and follow me”she lead him though a patch of trees and evergreens, surveyed the surroundings, listened to make sure nothing seemed to be with in earshot, and instructed him.“Give me your belt and a bare bottom right now or it will only be worse!”He knew she wasn’t playing and with a swift motion his belt was unbuckled, out of the loops and placed in her hand.Almost as quickly as she folded it in half his pants were lowered and he began to bend over.

Nothing was said. He settled into position and the few seconds that did pass seemed like an eternity before she laid that first biting smack that swooshed through the air onto his backside.She whipped the thick brown leather belt with relentless precision and a no nonsense pace across his bare ass over and over, turning his white cheeks to a fiery stinging red almost instantly.

He struggled to stay in position hands on his knees and bottom pushed outward towards her as the speed and intensity continued on.Each stroke stinging more than the last, the pain grew even more intensely building upon itself as the punishment continued on for nearly 5 minutes.

She spoke, the pause was welcomed.“I hope you know this is just the beginning of what you’re going to suffer for your behavior.”

“Yes Mistress” he answered not knowing at all what she had planned.

Five more lashes with the belt to refresh his memory left him uncertain.

“Don’t you dare move.”

He didn’t as he heard her footsteps move away from him.He could hear her off in the distance.Not sure if she had returned to the car, or wanted a few minutes to collect herself.But suddenly he could hear her approaching again.

I’ve decided to make the most of our little start and finish this part of your punishment with something new.He heard it cut through the air, and cut it would as she swung the switches she had collected so he could hear them before being beat with them.

The first bit into his already sore bottom with an searing intensity.Each of the strokes made her displeasure more apparent.There was nothing but the sound of the implement going though the air and then impacting his backside with intention and force.Marks from the branches began to rise and she had just started.After breaking position ever so slightly his admonishment was “Oh so you still haven’t learned to obey, Maybe something thicker will help your naughty ass learn to stay in place.

Pausing only long enough to pick up another more menacing and painful stick and beginning again by more marks over his red bottom that had been more than covered with welts on top of growing welts from the back top of his thighs, to the core of his now exhausted and pain filled being through a thoroughly disciplined butt.

“That should make you a good boy for the rest of our outing.But don’t forget you still have more coming when we get home later.” She said stopping to look at her work in a dark crimson, her long nails tracing the lines across his bottom.He waiting and she swatted him with her hand, almost playfully.

Wincing and tensing again she took the opportunity to place a few firm hand spank on his hot cheeks. “ Not stand up”He did, pants still around his ankles waiting to be told he could get dressed again.

She looked at him.

“Thank you Mistress for correcting me.I am sorry I disappointed you.” He offered.

“No you’re not, you wanted punished.So just you wait.”

Moments later he was allowed to redress and found himself sitting gingerly in the car riding back to her friends.

True to her word, he wanted to stand but being wicked she asked him to sit next to her on a wooden bench.The evening wore on and all the while he wondered what else she had in store when they got home.

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