As a nurse and Mother of 2 I have been on a personal roller coaster reading and watching various media clips and responses to recent events. Just the mere fact any of this has occurred is something I am having a hard time getting my head around. Add to […]

Personal Rant Ahead…..

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So an interesting topic in the fact I am not a title kind of guy and have written about it several times in the past. So consider this a refresher and maybe even an update. Even on my fet profile years ago I vacillated on how to identify.   Simply put […]

Title Aversion

Tied to a chair for a forced orgasm scene with a wand vibrator 22
When the Ropes Come Off There are Always Little RemindersLike Like the Rope Marks, A sore Clit, and a Still Wanton Pussy

Rope Marks

She took me to Paradise   Have you ever had one of those things where you think it might be something more than originally thought?   So we had seen each other a few times, we share an industry so that alone doesn’t mean anything.  A couple dinners here, a […]

She Took Me to Paradise

Close Up View of Alices' Red and Marked Bottom after getting a spanking with the Lolipop paddle by Daddy
A Date with Daddy Alice and I do not have an age play dynamic.  Still sometime ago she decided to start calling me Daddy. It’s done out of love and to tease me.   Of course the risk with calling me that is it may lead to a few more spankings. […]

A Date With Daddy

“Broken down kitchen at the top of the stairs Can I mix in with your affairs? Share a smoke, make a joke Grasp and reach for a leg of hope” Add it Up by the Violent Femmes    

At the Top of

It was only a kiss What a silly phrase only a kiss. That is like saying it is only a breath. Without it life ceases to exist. And when you don’t have one it can become an overwhelming need…for air. Or affection. Both essential, both life giving, both needed and […]

It Was Only a Kiss

Black capital M on a red back ground - M is for Malflic
The Scene that Almost Never Happened There is a saying of “Be careful what wish for” In this case Alice wished for a short lexan cane and a strap that she instantly learned to love to hate for her birthday last year. With that I had promised her a well […]

The Scene That Almost Never Happened

Close Up View of Alices' Red and Marked Bottom after getting a spanking with the Lolipop paddle by Daddy 24
Alice got a Series of LONG overdue spankings including several for her birthday After which she had to pose in her pretty new thong for pictures of her red and sore bottom with the Lollipop paddle used for her beating.   Click the Lips to See all the other Sexy […]

Alice’s Birthday Spanking from Daddy