Wax play basm on a naked woman

Sometimes when everything else is said and done.

The lust quenched, her submission complete

There is something peaceful, deeply connecting, and amazing

if you just step back and watch her breathe.

hreathe 2 the end of a bdsm wax scene with a stunning woman

So I sat there admiring her every breath

she had been beaten, Used for my pleasure,

driven to orgasm mercilessly over and over again…as a “reward”

then covered in wax, one slow drop after another,

from belly, to breasts, and thighs,

then back again.

wax covered naked woman

All that was left to do was sit there as she floated away,

lost in her own thoughts, or swimming in the bliss of nothingness,

and watch her


Sinful Sunday

Fifty Pieces

Twenty-five red twenty-five blue at the beginning of the game fifty total lay on the board, strewn about now. The game is over as Jen stood looking in disbelief. The battle of the minds for who would be victorious over the others body for the day. The little shudder of anticipation and excitement that ran along her spine also ran to her pussy as she felt the wetness start.


“Do you remember your safeword?”

She shook her head yes. Jack grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled her head hack as he roughly pushed her against the wall.

“What is it you coy little bitch? Say it!” he growled

From damp to an instant flood. The sharp jerk and forceful way he tossed her around. Jen’s knees felt weak as his hot breath was in her face and his words forcing her to fight an involuntary orgasm.

“Popcorn” suddenly her knees buckled as the wave hit her. She knew he could make her cum at command but now he made her cum saying her safeword. Her head spun as he gave his wicked laugh.

“Spectacular, I have you under my full control.” Jack said with his signature sinister smile “Now let the real game begin.”

He didn’t let his words sink in to mess with her head like normal. The new blade he got just for this scene hooked into the back on her shirt, with a pull it split the back open. Jen gasped as the material fell loose then her shorts were quickly treated the same. She was left standing in just her undergarments.

“I know those matching piece are a bit pricy, so I will give you the chance to take them off before I do it for you.”

He started counting down from ten. Jen took a moment to recover but stripped quickly, no way was she losing her newest set if she could save them. As she slid off her panties, her precarious situation made it easy for the rope to be wrapped around her. Jack subdued her quickly as she was easily hogtied. Her not so gentle landing on the floor made her gasp as now she was helpless and a bit concerned. This was one of his impromptu scenes and she had no idea what to expect except he was going to do whatever was in his devious brain. Lashing her around the arms he was setting her up for the most thrilling and terrifying moment of her life.

Checking the ropes and making sure each line was tight he was ready finally. The sound of some kind of motor behind Jen made her shudder. This was totally new, she had seen him watching the fucking machine videos. Suddenly she had visions of her body spread out immobilized as the machine abused her wet pussy. She shuddered again in excitement, her juices now leaking out and over the freshly waxed lips.

The click of some metal piece hooking into place sent another shudder then the motor sound again. Suddenly Jen felt the ropes tighten as Jack checked to make sure each was secured. Her body now lifted off the ground just a few inches at first testing the rigging. A few minutes later she was swung around toward the banister her breath coming in ragged gasps as she was lifted over the edge and hanging above the floor downstairs. Slowly lowered down Jen she was at the edge of panic and excitement. Stopping her just a few feet off the ground she whimpered as Jack walked down the steps.

“So like how I rigged the place?”

Her mind was already spinning as he gave her a little push. Intelligible mutters as she swung back and forth for a minute. Jack stripped his pants as she watched wide eyed taking the blade he cut the rope the rigger had shown him. Jen fell a few inches into the final position the rope spreading her legs wide as he got into position. It didn’t take long before she was moaning and crying out in bliss.

Before Jack unloaded in her the timer went off, he lowered her to the floor to finish with her. Untying the ropes such beautiful marks had bitten into her flesh. He took her right there on the floor.

The rest of the evening we spent playing other games but it all started with those fifty pieces. It was a win for both of them.

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Slap My Tits

“Slap my tits.”  For all the kinky things i had done to that point it never occurred to me to smack anyone’s breasts. It was not a natural thing for me to think off. Ass, thighs, pussy, all made perfect sense smack. Tits…not so much.

Kylee and I had a slap and tickle, fuck her rough (mostly from behind) kind of relationship. It wasn’t explicitly kinky but looking back it wasn’t really vanilla either.  

It was just nice roughish sex, nothing more. So i slapped her tits as requested. On more than one occasion, even making them (kind of) red once or twice.  She was the first but not the last for this kind of play. Though truth be told i much prefer to use a crop or flogger.

She was however the only small breasted woman ever to ask for me to slap her tits.  Literally a small A cup it was not to firm upward breast shaking swing of a BDSM video.   She was tall but petite and my hand easily covered far more than breast.

Still she asked, I obliged, she got off on it and in some way so did I.   You can’t be kinky for as long as I have been with out a few requests that weren’t a hard limit, kind of worked for me since it worked for my partner but were never put into regular rotation.  Now flog my tits would be an entirely differnt game, and in that case game on.

Note:  The pic is of Alice and not the individual who made this request.

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E Llust #91

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Imagine? You Might Wish You Hadn’t!
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Elust 88

Battle of the mind

Fallow mind, hollow images floating through the mist of thought

Intense emotions that jerk at the well of tears, down they are fought

Faster and faster, spinning images, whispers for times near and far

Blending into a lake of surreal life that is dangerous wade out to far

Ilk of past misdeeds and sins of the father like and oily coating

Sticking to the flesh as in the calm moment gently floating


Stroking through trying to get to the shore so rest can be found

The tar of confusion starts to churn and drag me down

A lashing tail of a creature that lurks in the depths strikes blindly

Pain unexpected causes recoil in the limb as I thrash wildly

Teeth now latch on, the venom of memories injected into the flesh

Numbness spreading slowly as wild fighting makes a pathetic splash

Little by little making it to the shore of sanity till at last the shore reached

Laying gasping, baked now in the blinding sun, now sinking in the beach

The wet sand of realities that shift under the weight of a still body

Strength drained from the battle to get to shore, I sigh, yes I am ready

Laying in hopeless filling the void fills the mind taking me captive

Dragging the sun no long bakes as the cool refreshment is placid

The oily sheen leaches out the poison as dark images spin again

Ever trapped in the tug of war between a beginning and the end

Fallow mind, the seeds of impurity slowly growing for the dark delights

Images of blood and violence grow and soon seep into my heart

Longings growing from the darkest places, so many shadows faceless

Flesh blood and lust move about like tributes to be taken so helpless

The Lock

The lock dangled on the hook in the old bedroom

The gem glowing through the dust and gloom













Papers and pictures spread about on the night stand

One picture of a beautiful lass and a dashing tall man

The lass looked like my aunt back many years

The man embracing her like lovers sincere

A pile of notes and letters each in beautiful scarlet ink

Sorting through a flush of heat as my cheeks glow pink

Unbridled passion in the words and the images there

A wooden box that held a locks of black and golden hair

The golden hair in the box my aunt’s for sure

The black belonged to the man, their secret amour

The long secret she held back from us all for years

Reading the last a tear wells as now I know why

Time had passed as she aged and one day did die

His love for her eternal as he held her that last time

How they kissed in the moonlight their world sublime

His offer of an eternal kiss she had often declined

Take me to the other side she whispered this time

The PS I read made my heart jump to my throat

The lock held the last clue of a lasting hope

He had taken her with him but then now confusion

Who was in the box that whole thing an illusion

As I read how he placed a replica in the box we carried

The tears and remembrance for each of us varied

Now all a lie and the truth began to show in the dusk

Gasping as I saw my aunt appear out of a swirl of dust

A cold hand on my shoulder as I couldn’t scream

Swimming thoughts as it all seemed like a dream

Happy Valentine’s Day my dear, would you like to share

Feeling my arm being lifted slowly into the air

Sleep took over after a few agonizing minutes passed

Waking in the dark I hear their snickers, he has crossed

For you they say as I see my lass tied to a chair

Dresses and ready for me to take her right there

Shhh don’t scream, soon we will be together forever

My valentine it’s just a moment of pain to endure

I place the lock as a necklace on her slender throat

As I sink my fangs in and deeply engulf



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Are You Tender with Her

“Are you tender with her” it was not a question I expected. Not one I had ever been asked. I had to process it. Ask for clarification.

Admitting i wasn’t sure what she meant, which is often the case. She repeated the question “are you tender with her. Kind, supportive, affectionate…” her voice trailed off rather than adding more.

In a way i was taken back. At the same time the question seemed deeply important to her and strangely intiment to me.

“i’m not an abusive jerk.” it wasn’t meant as a defensive statment. “It can be easy to confuse the rough interchanges with the real world dynamic.”  I added on

“i kiss her hello and good bye, there are as many gentle touches as there are rough ones. She feels warm and soft curled up next to me and i very much like that.”

After a short pause “so yes i am tender with her, supportive, polite, and kind…except for the times that we agree that I shouldn’t be.”


She simply said.  “Thanks i just wanted to understand.” Amd then moved in to other topics seemingly satisfied on some level that i am more than just my kinks with another.



Three Way Kink

Threeway Kink

So in terms of a kink of the week post. Yes i have had three ways. I’ve even had twins at the same time (they did not even come close to touching each other. It was not their first rodeo.)   I have had group sex, does that count as a threeway? It was somewhat like a volleyball match in gym class without the lesbian yelling “Ok rotate”. Sex in a room with others gleefully fucking away, sex with an audience and despite all this never a MFM only configuration.  

For me a “ traditional” three was has always been me and two females.   Yea, yea i know first world sorta rich white guy problems and i have your deepest sympathies as you mouth “misogynistic asshole” under your breath.

Then again that is only unless you don’t count co topping a scene with another man and a female bottom a three way. Since i live in a world largely of my own creation. And it is a really wonderful world to live in. There is no doubt that the world of my own creation is by far one of the best. I am counting that as a three-way.  (Apologies i felt the need to do a bad Trump impression, without the comb over)

The first of such was with a guy named Bobby  (a subsequent post called “Because You Won’t” will provide the back story.)  The short version is I (mostly casually) played rough for several years with a woman he dated for a while.  

Bobby finally tried to shake the all American Boy thing. He was an awe, shucks, gee wizz kind of man.  Apparently some women dig that sort of thing. Even the husband stealing wanton jezabelle friend of mine he was dating. (i am not slandering my former lover and play friend it was her own self description) For the record i had FMF with her a number of times. Pre and Post Bobby.  

Anyhow at one point we did a two male one female spanking scene. In reality i beat her ass bright red OTK. He played patty cake for what seemed like a tentative uncomfortable eternity . And then i finished spanking her.  An odd three way kink scene  but fortunately not a typical example.

Over the next few decades I would do countless scenes with me and another male top and a (or a few) female bottoms.

Some were impact play, some were rope, and some were a mix of things. An often unstated skill is i am pretty damn good at taking a person down and ensuring they stay in place.  A talent that came from a youth as a street brawler and later power lifter Mal.  The new yoga enhanced version will ask them to stay there first. Then pin their ass in place. Note i do yoga and haven’t become fucking Gandhi despite 10 days as a vegan.  

Threeways have an interesting mix.  It depends on your partners on the ebb and flow of things and who does what.  Kink three ways are no different. Some of my favorite scenes ever were a joint effort of two male tops and a female bottom.

Which if said properly could sound like a Beck tune “Two turntables and a microphone .” three ways as the song says is where it’s at.

On Second Thought

This is one of those times in my wild youth I laugh about now but part of me wondered what I was thinking at the time., or was I?


Truth or dare has to my least favorite game in retrospect. Barring the many potential outcomes I was the one who would always take the dare, especially if it was on the edge of being dangerous or risqué.

Host:        Truth or dare

Friend 1:  Better make it an outrageous dare it’s Raven’s turn

Friend 2:  Oh my god, don’t do that, he likes those.

Host:        Ok Raven truth or dare?

Me:          Well what’s the question and the dare?

Host:        Have you and Jen done the nasty? Or go streaking through town.

I remember laughing because I would never tell them, of course we had many times but the dare got my heart racing and adrenaline going.

Now it’s 10 pm on a Saturday night, I should have asked about the timing of said dare first too. Main Street is busy as I started to wonder about my sanity.

Friend 1:   Ok Raven you got to run from the train tracks to the arcade.

Me:           Dude that’s like a mile and a half and right in front of the police station.

Friend 1:  Chicken.

And that’s when common since left the building. No one called me chicken, I would prove them wrong. Often to my own detriment. I stripped and tossed my clothes in their car. As we were at the building next to the tracks.

Me:          Chicken my ass, you better be waiting at the arcade or I’ll kick your ass.

Friend 2:  Come on, you really don’t have to do this.

Too late I was crossing the street and started to jog toward my destination. With a few short cuts through parking lots and behind the hedge rows of the buildings. No one said I couldn’t hide. I get past the telephone company then it hits me, there is no cover for the last half a mile. Right past the train station and to the arcade. I am so fucked, and I know it. Fortune favors the bold I say to myself as I start out from the last cover.

That’s when the sudden flash of red and blue lights come on.

FUCK ME! I try to run back to the cover of the hedges.

RAVEN STOP RIGHT THERE! Came over the PA system.

Oh god damn, it was one of the cops that knew me because they knew my dad. I stand still hand on my head. What, no! not now, please no. My cock had other ideas, it decided to stand proudly at attention too. Maybe that was it’s way of putting it’s hands up. I hear the door close as she walks around the front of the car. Drop dead gorgeous brunette I tried to flirt with, of course she always laughed at me and my interest in her.

Have you lost what little was left of your mind?

No ma’am. I stammered.

Get in the back, I’m taking you home.

Fear is an amazing thing, it makes you have sudden regrets about your choices. And of course she had to lecture me all the way home how this action could have lasting repercussions on my life had I gotten picked up by one of the officers that didn’t know me. I almost wished it had been as she turned on the lights and siren just before pulling into my parent’s house.

My dad opened the door a couple minutes later. My ass was grass. There was no way in hell I was opening the door to run. Anyone who has had the pleasure of riding in the back of a squad car knows that. I sat there terrified as they talked on the porch for a few minutes. My dad’s sudden burst of laughter made me cringe and try to hide in the back seat.

Grounded for two weeks was light for what I was expecting but then again the humiliation seemed to have quelled me for a little while.

Three weeks later

Host:  Truth or dare

Me:    What’s the dare? On second thought Truth!


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The Highlights

Sitting next to her running fingers through her hair, the crimson streaks in stark contrast with the blonde. Her pale skin glowing in the soft hew of the moonlight. The cool night air caressing the bodies as looks of deep desire gaze into her blue eyes. The mind began to wander as leaning down to kiss her soft lips the sudden scent of strawberry lip balm.


The first kiss holding her at the airport last Christmas, she trembled in the grip like a lost puppy. Pulling her in close the powerful strong arms wouldn’t let her go as hungry lips connected with hers. Holding her as eyes locked and her fears were quelled.

The row that started later that evening in the bar when an inebriated man tried to make a forward and inappropriate advance at her making her feel uneasy. There was an attempt to be polite but when he called her a cheap whore that was it, a right cross sent the drunk sprawling. Unfortunately he had friends. Later that night there were laughs about being fought over for her honor as she dabbed antiseptic on the numerous abrasions.

The first time there was a sexual release, out in the open of the roof of the old cathedral. The stars shown so bright, nipples stiff and hard as savoring licks and kisses made moans escape those soft lips. Bodies dancing in the night with passionate embrace. Wanton lust laid bare as if it were a sin, taunting the gods to leer in jealousy.

Months that passed, growing closer and more brazen, sexual escapades that were tantamount to open pornography for all the world to see. On the train, the bus, a taxi and any other public place any dimly lit hiding space could be found. Passion ran wild, even amuck many would say, depravity grew and wilder and darker passions began to be explored.

The first gang bang, arranged for the safety of all involved of course. Five additional bodies writhing around and taking pleasure in the night. Masks protected their identity while condoms protected them all. The torrid day after as the hunger for more consumed her. The lust for something even more exciting and dangerous, the sexual beast driving her was in heat desperate to be sated. Even as she spoke of darker desires it was easy to see the rabbit hole went all the way to the bottom of depravity.

The short skirt barely covered her ass, a midriff shirt exposing the bottom of her ample supple breast. Leering eyes burning in fueled lust, consumed what was offered and still wanted more. Any that were brave enough to ask or show the fortitude to take it, she freely allowed them to have their way. The safeties were off as the signs of her newly found extreme sexuality often ran down her thighs. The beast was ravenous and there was none that could quench it now.

Vile and filthy sexual encounters in the truck yards and rail heads now, blue collar and no collar alike enjoyed the lithe blonde that presented herself to them. There was nothing of the timid insecure lass that trembled at the airport, she had been freed into her realm of cravings. She was free of the oppressed small town that had held captive the longings. Now brazen and shameless, fire in her eyes that was but a spark of the fire that blazed in her flesh.

Her reign of turbulence left a wake of charred lives. Lovers now professed their undying desire to quell her wants. Attempts to fill that void in her that was only a firebox, consuming all that entered as they powered her drive down the licentiousness tracks.

Back at the cathedral, a confession as her body shook. A last wish and desire, the ultimate rush. No longer able to be appeased by mere human cravings. Begging eyes as she had set this evening in motion. Again with the first as rage, pain and anger fill to the overflowing point. An allowance had been made, a flashing thought to give what she crave. The flash of the blade in the full moon light. A spray and a final kiss. The ultimate release reached for both.

A final look as the wind viciously whips, pushing apart the lovers. Now standing on the berm as the blue and red lights bounce off the surrounding buildings. A glance back as the crimson surrounds her body like a velvet blanket, at last she is at peace. A plummet down, the last step to join the lover forever in the wild passions that is to be found there.


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