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E Lust #84

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Sometimes we do switch things up a little here. I just love the color our favorite flogger created     Click the lips below to see what sinful delights others have to offer  

Switching Up

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Hindsight is always 20/20 and this is no exception. So many things should have been done differently yet where to begin with this tale? Best place is to make it very clear this is not about placing blame! This is about putting things out there so others can learn from […]

The Aftermath

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Heroin Thin “…and when I get all stoned and kinky shouting mantras about love He made me sign away my property. Now it’s owned by heaven above” Glad I’m not God by the Lords of Acid Yes I have used that quote before. But it is my favorite line from […]

Heroin Thin

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Note: this was written months ago. I am publishing it with out updates, additional insighte, or additions.  It was one that was never going to see the light of day but with Sinful Sunday prompt of “Changes”  that i have chosen old words and new images for. With all the […]

What Are My Limits

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“Nothing is Different, Nothing has changed,   But Nothing will ever Be the same. I don’t know my face and I don’t know my name   But Nothing is Different and Everything’s changed” Written by Malflic Circa 1992 But fits more than ever. All photos from 2016. The story these […]

Nothing Is Different But Everything’s Changed

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The Twenty Minute Orgasm   I have been waiting for her amazing little mouth to start sucking my cock in earnest for hours.   Ok maybe its been since the last time she stopped.   Though it had been hours since we were together again so that seems amount of time only […]

The 20 Minute Orgasm

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The rather unremarkable demise of Red I’ve put off this post for quite a while.  As the title indicates Red and I didn’t work out. Actually we both still work out but us dating didn’t work.     She had originally asked me out when I felt another relationship was […]

The Rather Unremarkable Demise of Red

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Alice in Green…Rope Bondage A Sexy Body and Willing Lustful Mind – Alice Rope Bondage and Picture of said bound Alice – Lord Raven Loving when kinky pictures of your friends having fun show up unexpectedly in your text messages. – Mal Wondering what Vanilla’s use snap chat and text […]

Alice in Green (Rope Bondage)

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  Ahh welcome back readers.  Have you been having some wicked fun?  I certianly hope so. After all summer is supposed to be VERY HOT.  Speaking of which it’s about time to rejoin our Anti Hero’s.   Lack of heat is not something they suffer from as you’ll see. So […]

Teasing, Permission to Orgasm, and Denial