She’s floating, she flying. Somewhere in those moments one’s head often lets creativity take over.  That is exactly where she is. Somewhere between blissed out and wonderfully wanton. The last rope comes off after a long slow pull through the very last bite.   It was nothing fancy. A simple […]

An Unstated Predicament

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Connecting the Dots Depending on how often you read my posts.  And who else you read you may have noticed that a few storylines in the past months have some coincidences in them. Perhaps it was serendipity,  truly coincidence or maybe just maybe they are related.   So for the avoidance of […]

Connecting the Dots

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Orgasm Experience Number #3 Spanked to Orgasm This folks is a double bonus post. It not only will include my write up on the third person who’s orgasm I’ve been part of during the year of the orgasm theme but it also ticked off a bucket list item as well […]

Spanked to Orgasm

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There she sat in the corner, tears still falling as the words echoed in her head. His deep ragged voice telling her there was no escape. He owned her, she was bought and paid for. But he insisted, demanded more of her. He wanted to own her mind and soul. […]

Jenny’s Hell – dark write

Take Control “This energy The load of forces Carry me over the top and i’m going hard to stop I’m hungry I’m hungry for your touch Feel the rhythm, feel the soul Lords of Acid Take Control” “Take Control” off the “Lust” by the Lords Of Acid.   Praise the […]

Take Control

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15 Authors Molly had tagged me on this  15 Authors play along on FB a while back but being me (and a serial nonconformist) I decided to play here instead. All other rules have of course also been discarded. Kurt Vonnegut – go figure i would like an anti establishment […]

15 Authors

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So fair warning and a trigger warning in that  this post deals with the topic of death.  In particular mine…though not any time soon hopefully. It is not overly serious or ominous but does take into account that inevitability. Ironically it has been sitting in drafts for a while but […]

The Devil’s Last Details

Photo courtesy of Modesty Ablaze Welcome to Elust 86– The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust […]

E Lust 86

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The Saying Goes “Been There, Done That, Got the T Shirt” In this case wasn’t there, didn’t do a damn thing (or anyone for that matter) but still got the T Shirt. Friends however are wonderful things. I was Absent And Speaking of Absent I Find Myself Away again.


Purple Deco New York Love Deco Elevator Image
  Art is where you find it.  In this case a bank of NYC Hotel Elevators. Click the Lips to See all the other sexy Sinners.

Art in an Elevator