A lot of thoughts have been going through my head lately, not the least of which involves the possible role of tasks in a power exchange dynamic with the Sexy Little Temptress.  I may be a Top but there is no doubt when push comes to shove I’m a slave […]

Tasks in a Power Exchange Dynamic

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And She Danced” is the first appearance of another person beyond me and and the other previously discussed in my short post series.    In many ways it was the foundation for my earlier People and Their Place and a forth coming “UnEquipped for Poly” post.   Mal   And […]

And She Danced

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Time to play with some new toys An entire lovely black velvet bag Just filled to the rim with delights To tempt this wicked little soul     For more Sinful Sunday click the lips  

New Play Toys

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A Shocking Experience –  Violet Wand Electrical Play   Until the Sexy little Temptress brought up the idea my exposure to electrical play and Violet Wands was limited to s new acquaintance at a munch who was way into educating me a few years back. Down to a diode and […]

Violet Wand Electrical Play – A Shocking Experience

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While the third piece in my series of short unedited posts it was actually the first written.   You can Read a Poorly Timed Delay and also Mine – UnRightfully Possessive if so inclined or for additional perspective.  The last sentence of the piece was added after the original draft to […]

Sad and Raw

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It arrived in gift wrap as black as my soul With red wax and red ribbon like Hell’s fires below The teasing the torment, the torture, the pleasure, and pain, She was naked and nervous; it’s all part of their game The first pass went round and she tentatively smiled […]

Pretty in Purple

  UnPartnered =   A set of disclaimers. This may hit a few nerves. There are a few people in my world who will read this and say “you fucking asshole i’m right here.”  which is true and this isn’t meant to be hurtful but 1) “Here” is not where […]


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To Photo courtesy of Miss Scarlet Writes Welcome to Elust 88– The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included […]

Elust 88

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Mine Unrightfully Possessive   Note This is the second in my short series of raw and unedited post.  You can read ” A poorly Time Delay” if so inclined.  Additionally the “Unpartnered” post was intended to somewhat more eloquently deal with my emotional reaction (or baggage) at a rope event […]

Mine – Unrightfully Possessive

Surrendering Control  The joke is often made on one way or another that i have trust and control “Issues”.  Those are common refrains far beyond my kink life.   Trust is accurate because admittedly very few people are let close to me. Even fewer are let in on personal level all […]

Surrendering Control – A Humorous Look at a Control Freak ...