Use Your Illusion An orginal photo and edit by Michael Malflic 20
Use Your Illusion Picture 1 of a 5 photo collection   Then The Button Press it I know You want to, Trust me it likes to be pressed.      


Malflic's Black Boots 2
First off I’m not much of a Nancy Sinatra type so let’s have some musical options.   Once upon a time as a long haired punk kid playing music in rough and seedy blue collar bars my band decided it would be fun to cover Black Sabbath’s “Fairies Wear Boots” […]

Boots KOTW

Matrurbation Monday Meme Banner 3
“I only wish I could remember  if I was any good” Pauly Shore’s character Crawl from “Son in Law” Fucking on Ambien “Last night was amazing.” She cooed at me with eyes that were filled with recent carnal satisfaction. Her kiss lingered, soft lips, open mouth wanton and hinting at […]

Fucking on Ambien

First light Looking over the world below before dawn 14
Above the fray, the madness below, The demands, and drive I find Sanctuary Down the lift, Plunged into the madness Before hiding from the night Then at first light The Siren’s call The Sun Rises Lost in thoughts Madness beckons Again Down the lift Toward the strip Smiling like the […]

Above the Fray

BDSM Top Standing at the top of the stairs waiting for his submissive 9
‘Cause my last time on earth I lived a whole world of sin I’m so glad that I know more than I knew then Gonna keep on tryin’ Till I reach my highest ground” Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder (although i prefer the RHCP version)   Click the Lips to […]

Higher Ground

kink of the week badge 4
Are blindfolds kinky… On the rare occasion that i am home most days i wake up in a pitch black room, with naked woman in a blind fold sleeping next to me. Sounds great right? Here’s the rest of the story. Typically she has ear plugs in or a noise […]

Are Blindfolds Kinky

24-hour-clock-6-30 1
  What No One Prepares You for When Being Poly   Vanillas ask about all the sex, the non stop fucking and wild parties,  Mean while for me it’s more about the quiet moments walking down the street, sitting and reading, decent coffee and curling up together and just being […]

What No One Prepares You for When Being Poly

Purple travel pro suitcase with Mal's clothes and shoes 9
The Suitcase Tells All   This story is being told from the perspective of my Crew 5 Travel Pro Suitcase that had been my unwavering companion for over 12 years, nearly 2,000 flights and over 750,000 miles.   In the beginning Every suitcase hopes when it leaves the factory to […]

The Suitcase Tells All

Mal in a summer blue suit with a purple and white pocket square
  My Life is strange, sometimes twisted, always a game I’ve been here a million times,  made small fortunes, committed crimes Of the heart, of the soul, of the flesh, in the company of the addictions we all know I take to my streets, to find heaven, to find hell, […]

A Drink with Death

Mals tan legs 14
I fucking hate winter. And this week in the great state of Misery it went from 70 to 21 degrees in less than 10 hours. So here’s my legs on the beach last fall. Which will have to do until I can chase an endless summer with my travels and […]