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The rather unremarkable demise of Red I’ve put off this post for quite a while.  As the title indicates Red and I didn’t work out. Actually we both still work out but us dating didn’t work.     She had originally asked me out when I felt another relationship was […]

The Rather Unremarkable Demise of Red

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Alice in Green…Rope Bondage A Sexy Body and Willing Lustful Mind – Alice Rope Bondage and Picture of said bound Alice – Lord Raven Loving when kinky pictures of your friends having fun show up unexpectedly in your text messages. – Mal Wondering what Vanilla’s use snap chat and text […]

Alice in Green (Rope Bondage)

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  Ahh welcome back readers.  Have you been having some wicked fun?  I certianly hope so. After all summer is supposed to be VERY HOT.  Speaking of which it’s about time to rejoin our Anti Hero’s.   Lack of heat is not something they suffer from as you’ll see. So […]

Teasing, Permission to Orgasm, and Denial

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  A continuation from the first installment Identity Unknown   The next morning I knocked on the door. I gave her a few minutes before I knocked again. “Yes, I’m ready” she said with a shaking voice behind the door. I unlocked it and walked in. She sat there blinded […]

The levels of hell

Photo courtesy of Holden and Camille Welcome to Elust #83 – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included […]

E Lust #83

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Authors note: this work was written on June 6th as part of making the best use of a day dream.  In many ways it surprised me because while naked women , or women in general tripping my trigger is certianly nothing new the mix of CMNF and submission through service […]

Attending to the Details

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It was Sunday night after the Orlando attack and while discussing the event and day’s press conferences Oleander Plume’s tweet about doing something productive appeared in my twitter feed. “Love is Love” It was a beautiful image that summed up exactly how I felt as I sat there and worried about […]

Love is Love a few moments of hope

Into the Void 2
Fill the void or so your told Quench the thirst and strive for more Empty the pit, pitch black to the core Yearn for everything just to feel Feed the need and cry for more In your head is where you lay Passion and pain both the same Light the […]

The Void

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It all started as an idea, twisted as it might be but Kathy never thought anyone would really take her up on it. After all it was just a fantasy idea, right. No one would take her up on a meet like she was purposing. The idea was simple but […]

Identity unknown