So obviously as recent posts have indicated my sexual adventures are on the rise and while still relatively demure compared to some period of life and adding that safe sex is always a priority the thought about getting a vasectomy has been in my head more often than not for […]

Serious Consideration of a Vasectomy

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Better left unsaid or so they say As trust decays so they lay Seeds of misdeeds take root in the debris Secrets on display to those who observe The blatant display of the game All just a ruse to fill a void Of missteps and regrets From the one that […]

Eye Spy Games

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Megan’s  foot ran across the side of his leg and his whole body shuddered. Her girlish giggle made the sweat pour from his hands as he tried to steady them and finish writing. No power in the heavens or under the earth could take his eyes off her chest as […]

The gift

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Let’s face it. Being a Top, if so inclined has its benefits. Not the least of which can be seeing Alice grinning up at you from at your feet as you take in the sight of her amazing cleveage and truly Epic Boobs.    

Epic Boobs from Above

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Come to the wooded line, that was all it said The note left for her to get into her head A shiver ran along her spine as she stood now In the dew of the night, in her evening gown His eyes glowed with delight as he saw here there […]

The Meeting

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“She grabbed a bottle of tequila and a lime for her lips. Laid her body on the bar and put the salt on her hips. I was lying when I told her I was only going to lick her tonight” – Midnight Queen by Nickelback.   Once again let me […]

A Good Licking for the Sexy Little Temptress

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She stood there not knowing only part of what was coming. A good strapping and a hard caning was not too far in her future…both asked for an earned. She knew they would be memorable. He would make certain of it. She had been made to wait and knew part […]

Stripped for Her Day of Service and Submission

Photo courtesy of Teachers Have Sex Welcome to Elust #82 – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included […]

E Lust #82

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Before you got to see Alice “Waiting for the Sting”  and now her bottom has been stung by the leather slapper.  An implement she is developing a love/hate relationship with when it’s in Raven’s hand. I plan to change the love part when it’s my turn to use it.  


True Image
Again it spins Yet to unhinge The world a haze A mystery ablaze Cut the pipe Bleed to write Right is wrong Wrong is right Cut the chord Light the pipe All a fright Fear the night Dark is light Light is dark Topsy turvy Feel the hurry Slow the […]

Spinning Crimson